Foshan approved 6 industrial organizations as fairtrade workstations
Foshan China 2022-07-16 11:04

This month, Foshan Bureau of Commerce has announced for the first time to include 6 industrial organizations as fairtrade workstations, including Foshan City Import and Export Chamber of Commerce and the Foshan Ceramics Industrial Association, in a joint effort to sharpen up local enterprises in international trade.



Technically, a fairtrade workstation takes up an important role in international trade fraction. In addition to industrial coordination, risk monitoring, data collection and consultation, it also provides training for local enterprises.


As Foshan is a major manufacturing city, with big trade volume in aluminum, furniture, and home appliances, international trade fraction will be more likely to occur in these areas. According to Foshan Bureau of Commerce, more professional fairtrade workstations will be constructed to protect the rights for enterprises in these areas.


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