The First People’s Hospital of Foshan comes to Sanlongwan
Foshan China 2022-07-29 11:20

On July 27, the project inauguration of the First People’s Hospital of Foshan Sanlongwan Branch (hereinafter referred to as “Sanlongwan Branch”) was held in Sanlongwan Nanhai District, which meant the public service for Nanhai District will be more comprehensive.




Sanlongwan Branch is located in the central area of Sanlongwan Technological Town. As a high class public hospital, it is funded by Wanke hospital project. It aims to build a medical structure with higher standards and boarder coverage to provide better public medical service for Sanlongwan Nanhai District.



After completion, Sanlongwan Branch will use its technical, talent and medical strength to enrich public medical service of Sanlongwan Nanhai District and meet the increasing medical demands. Eventually, citizens can find famous doctors nearby.




Apart from an important project to citizen’s livelihood, the settlement of the First People’s Hospital of Foshan in Sanlongwan is also a significant move for Nanhai District to accumulate medical resources and form a high-developed medical structure.




Construction of Sanlongwan Branch represents the ambition of Sanlongwan Nanhai District that wants to build a suitable living area, satisfy medical need of citizens and increase local citizens’ happiness and gratification.



Besides, Wenhan Primary School, which is right next to the Sanlongwan Hospital Project, had started construction in April. Construction of two supporting public service aims to build Sanlongwan Nanhai District as a role model of high class livable area and achieve the goal of ideal city for living.


Author| Joey
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