Wanward Electricty invents amnibearing protection technology
Foshan China 2022-08-01 10:22

On July 27, Guangdong Vanward Electricity Company held a new products launch conference where Vanward Electricity published several new products and the Chinese Electric Water Heater Safety White Paper (hereinafter refers as White Paper) with China House Appliance Research Institute.



Alongside with increasing demand of water heater, safety problem becomes the major concern of consumers. Under the guidance of China House Appliance Research Institute, National House Appliance Industrial Information Center, Vanward Electricity and Research and Evaluation Center cooperate to compile the White Paper and consider there is still space for safety improvement for water heater while also appeal to industries to enhance safety guarantee of water heater.


Ge Fengliang, the vice President of China House Appliance Research Institute, stated that electric storage water heater has occupied half of marker share of water heater right now and the product safety is  directly related to home safety. He claimed, even though there was improvement of water heater for the past few years, as a high-power house appliance, there is still potential safety hazards so safety issue of water heater should be the major focus of consumers and a major direction of industries’ technological improvement. Vanward’s new product achieves ultimate safety control on water heater and redefines safety performance of water heater which ensure an amnibearing protection for consumers.


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