15 Foshan companies recognized as 2022 China Top 500 Valuable Brands
Foshan China 2022-07-31 20:45

On July 26th, the 19th World Brand Summit was held by World Brand Lab in Beijing. During the summit, 2022 Report of China Top 500 valuable brands was announced. 15 Foshan companies are listed on the annual list.



The four top rankers include Midea, Newpearl, Country Garden and Monalisa, and all of them are on the top 200 list. Remarkably, Midea, ranked at the 32nd place, outranks all the other local brands.


Brands listed this year showed strong economic resilience from a wide range of sectors. There are over 25 industries involved, like food, light industry, building materials, etc. Here is the detailed information about the number of brands in respective industries: 84 brands in food industry, 49 in light industry, 38 in building materials, 34 in media industry, and 32 in telecommunication industry. Overall, there are 69 Chinese brands with value above 100 billion, which has increased by 12 compared with last year figure.


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