Water pipeline to benefit 4 towns in Shunde
Foshan China 2022-10-11 14:32

On October 8, Lunjiao to Ronggui water pipeline project started to provide water which comes from Lunjiao Yang’e Water Plant. This marks the formation of Daliang, Ronggui “double water sources” interconnected and safe water supply pattern, benefiting Daliang, Ronggui, Leliu, Xingtan and other towns and streets.



On the same day, the opening ceremony was held at the side of Ronggui Bridge. With a twelve -kilometer-long main water supply pipeline, Lunjiao to Ronggui water supply pipeline project starts from Longzhou Road, passes through the Nanguo West Road to Guizhou Dafu Road and goes along the way through Shunde tributaries and Ronggui waterway.


With a total investment of 160 million yuan, the project started from November 2020. The whole pipeline is to provide water in September 2022, which is carried out in two phases: Phase I starts from Longzhou Road to Nanguo West Road with a length of about 6.4 kilometers. The second phase is from West Nanguo Road to Guizhou Dafu Road with a length of about 5.4 kilometers.


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