Sanlongwan Sci&tech City held promotion conference for investment in Shenzhen
Foshan China 2022-10-27 15:36

On October 25, the digital economy session of the “2022 Investment and Introduction Event of Foshan Sanlongwan Sci&tech City” was held in Shenzhen, where many digital economy entrepreneurs gathered to build a new communication bridge between enterprises in Foshan and Shenzhen.


As a major strategic platform built by Foshan Party Committee and Foshan Government, Sanlongwan Sci&tech City plays an important role in Foshan’s bid to participate in the development of the Greater Bay Area and promote the construction of “Guangfo Pole”. At the same time, Sanlongwan also provides potential opportunities for all enterprises in the Greater Bay Area to fit into Foshan and grow in Foshan.

“In Sanlongwan, the digital economy, robotics and other emerging industries are flourishing. I hope you can all come here and create a better future together!” Zhu Xixiong from Sanlongwan Sci&tech City said.



Four key words of the introduction 

Integration: A city in the Greater Bay Area

A river away from Guangzhou, Sanlongwan Sci&tech City spans over three districts in Foshan, with 11 rail routes that are respectively completed, under construction and planned. There is also a convenient Guangzhou South Railway Station nearby, with over 100 trams connected to the CBD of Shenzhen. As the minimal travel time has shorten to 29 minutes, there is literally no geographic boundary between Sanlongwan and Shenzhen.

Leadership: A city of science and technology 

“At present, our region has gathered a provincial laboratory, 6 provincial key laboratories, 19 incubators, 15 makerspaces, 83 provincial engineering and technological research centers, which makes Sanlongwan well-qualified as a sci&tech city.” Zhu Xixiong introduced.

Liberty:An open city 

Another characteristic of Sanlongwan is its international cooperation with foreign countries. Sino-German cooperation has continued for 10 years in Sanlongwan. Nearly 50 German and European industrial service enterprises have settled in Sanlongwan Sci&tech City or carried out cooperation with Foshan enterprises. More and more German industrial service companies and manufacturing invisible champions have chosen Sanlongwan as their headquarters or bases.

Future:A city of opportunity 

“Foshan is the city with the largest population growth in Guangdong Province, which includes the influx of a large number of talents.” Zhu Xixiong introduced. With a talent resource of more than 2.26 million people, Foshan forms a “pyramid” talent structure. The growing number of scientific and technological talents brings plenty of business opportunities for enterprises to invest in Foshan.

Digital transformation 

The traditional manufacturing industry is the foundation of Foshan’s economy which helps to complete the quantitative accumulation, while the development of digital economy is an important engine for Foshans economy to progress from quantitative to qualitative growth.

The deputy director of Foshan Investment Promotion Bureau Cui Weiguo said that as one of the most important manufacturing bases in China, Foshan has formed a sound industrial system and an industrial chain with strong supporting capacity. At present, Foshan is doing its best to promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry, focusing on the development of equipment manufacturing, automobile and new energy, electronic information, intelligent manufacturing equipment and robotics, new materials, food and beverage, biomedical and health industries, etc.

In this process, the transition of Foshan’s enterprises are closely connected with digital intelligent transformation, and industrial digitalization has become the biggest feature of Foshan. Since last year, Foshan has endeavored to fully promote the digital intelligent transformation, with more than 35% of 9,000 large industrial enterprises achieving the transformation.

First-class business environment 

In terms of financial support, Foshan introduced the “digital loan” policy, full-cycle subsidies, interest-free loans, and transformation services to encourage enterprises to make their own transformations.



What’s more, Foshan has built 22 municipal demonstration factories, 64 demonstration workshops and 62 benchmark demonstration projects. In terms of innovation resources, Foshan has built 41 major science and technology innovation platforms, and introduced a total of 3 full-time academicians, 11 provincial innovation and entrepreneurship teams, 4 leading talents, 203 city municipal scientific and technological innovation teams, and more than 7,100 national high-tech enterprises. Regarding business environment, a series of measures have been issued to boost the high-quality development of enterprises.

Build a nest to attract phoenixes, and talents will be pleased to come from near and far. By selecting Sanlongwan, enterprises are entitled to benefits from the government, as well as the ideal international business environment. Sanlongwan Sci&tech City launched the Foshan International Talents Hub (Sanlongwan) at the end of last year, covering business consultation, government-enterprise communication, industry exchange, social activities and other services to enhance the experience of talents. Now, Foshan International Talents Hub (Sanlongwan) is ready to serve talents.

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