Jufeng New Energy settles in Shunde
Foshan China 2022-11-02 15:56

On October 31, Juwan Technology and Huafeng company established a joint venture company "Jufeng New Energy" in Shunde. The two sides will carry out in-depth R&D in new energy vehicle EIC System to build a global leading EIC system research and production integration enterprise, enabling the development of new energy vehicle industry.



Jufeng New Energy R&D Center covers an area of about 9,390m², with equipment for the whole process from material innovation, experiment, testing to manufacturing. The equipment all realizes single machine automation. The workshop environment is dust-free, and the comprehensive quality index reaches the advanced level of similar facilities at home and abroad.


The R&D center adopts the latest generation of highly integrated and flexible intelligent production equipment, coupled with an extremely strict power cell manufacturing environment and perfect process control, to ensure high product consistency in terms of dust, temperature and humidity, burr and foreign matter control. The settlement of Jufeng New Energy R&D Center will play an important role in promoting the innovative and industrial development of the joint venture.


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