Foshan key project investment exceeds 130.1 billion yuan from January to October
Foshan China 2022-11-10 18:40

On November 8, Foshan held the 2022 fifth key construction project observation activity in Gaoming.

Progress of key projects in Foshan ranked third in Guangdong Province in the first three quaters

From January to October, Foshan key projects have completed a total investment of 130.193 billion yuan, accounting for 114.28 percent of the annual investment plan and exceeding the advance progress by 30.95 percent.

Provincial key projects completed investment of 79.978 billion yuan, accounting for 112.82 percent of the annual planned investment. City key projects completed investment of 50.215 billion yuan, accounting for 116.68 percent of the annual planned investment.

Gaoming won another award for the fastest district in the construction of key projects

In 2022, Gaoming District planned 69 provincial and municipal key construction projects with a total investment of 86.807 billion yuan. By the end of October, the Gaoming's key projects have completed investment of 13.377 billion yuan, accounting for 126.09 percent of annual plan.

The first stop is IKEA distribution center and second is the Haitian "Green Road" Industrial Demonstration Base, which consists of three sub-projects with a total investment of 2 billion yuan.

35 projects entered the list of key project construction in September

Foshan has set up a project construction ranking to stimulate the enthusiasm of construction and accelerate the progress of project.

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