Number of IPR demonstrative enterprises in Foshan ranks first in Guangdong
Foshan China 2022-11-15 16:46

The China National Intellectual Property Administration shows that 9 enterprises in Foshan have been recognized as "National Demonstrative Enterprises for Intellectual Property" and 20 enterprises have been newly recognized as "National Advantage Enterprises for Intellectual Property". Up to now, there are 39 national IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) demonstration enterprises and 171 national IPR advantage enterprises in Foshan. The total number of demonstration advantage enterprises in Foshan ranks first in Guangdong Province.

Since this year, Foshan Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision is cultivating a number of strong intellectual property enterprises with high quality and strong ability of intellectual property protection and application to promote the development of real economy in Foshan.

First, the municipal government implements the policy of encouraging intellectual property rights, and rewards the units of "National Intellectual Property Demonstration Advantage Enterprises".

Second, it "builds a platform" to construct strong enterprises. It established intellectual property alliance, set up "scientific research institutions + universities + investment and financing institutions + evaluation agencies + patent agencies" of alliance mechanism and introduce advanced technology and core patents for enterprises.

Third, it vigorously implement the "intellectual property rights training project", and annually selects a number of outstanding units through the creation, protection and use of intellectual property rights and other measures to promote city's intellectual property rights level.

Fourth, it established a government-bank cooperation mechanism, signed cooperation agreements with eight major banks, and strived to provide enterprises with 135 billion yuan of credit extension for intellectual property financing within three years.

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