First digital innovation and entrepreneurship city to build in the Greater Bay Area
Foshan China 2022-12-29 23:00

On December 27, Lishui town held “Guangfo Core and Future of Youth Creation”—the report-back meeting of the development of Guangfo Youth Creative City and the launching ceremony of the first phase of infrastructure. The design plan of the city was unveiled. The spatial pattern of “one river + two banks + one axis + three scenes” gradually takes shape. Next year, Lishui will invest more than 5 billion yuan to construct schools, bridges, roads, parks and a number of intelligent infrastructure and public facilities, injecting strong momentum into the economic growth and high-quality development of the town.

On December 28, 2021, Lishui Town released the strategic plan of Guangfo Youth Creative City, proposing to build a 30-square-kilometer new core urban area with the pattern of “Guangfo Youth Creative City + Lishui Town + Lihu New City”. The 15.51-square-kilometer Guangfo Youth Creative City will be built as a new ecological city in the northern urban development axis of Guangfo area.

After a year of planning, Lishui released a hundred billion investment blueprint. By innovatively implementing the three major initiatives of increasing investment, enhancing science and technology and expanding domestic demand, it aims to promote urban transformation, industrial upgrading and business growth. The construction of Guangfo Youth Creative City also made important achievements. At the meeting, the city image promotional film of Guangfo Youth Creative City was officially released.

At present, the urban design plan of Guangfo Youth Creative City is basically completed. With Shuikou waterway as the axis, the city has accelerated the construction of the “one river + two banks + one axis + three scenes” spatial pattern, and built five horizontal and three vertical road networks, Shimen Cloud Road, Creative Oasis, Xihua Park, Guangfo Core and Flower Expo Park, etc. The city has focused on the development of digital trade, digital services, electronic information, artificial intelligence and other emerging industries.

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