Haitian won a bid for a land plot in Xiqiao Town, Foshan
Foshan China 2022-12-30 23:24

On December 28, plots on the south side of Qiaoyun Road and the west side of Wencheng Road of Tingyin Lake in Xiqiao Town, Nanhai District were won by the Haitian Group (Foshan) Industrial Development Co., Ltd. This is the second time that Haitian Group won a bid for a land in Xiqiao after it got Hairu Industrial Park in July. Haitian Group plans to invest nearly 1 billion yuan to build a big health industry and technology town in the area of Tingyin Lake.

The landing and large investment of the two projects of Haitian Group demonstrate Xiqiao Town’s determination to develop the big health industry and its optimized business environment. With the landing of a number of major industrial projects, Xiqiao is expected to attract more upstream and downstream industries to join in the big health industry ecology.

Haitian Green Industry Project is an important strategic one of Haitian Group in its biotechnology sector, which includes two parts: science and technology town and industrial village, with an investment of 5 billion yuan. On July 18, Hairu Industrial Zone of Xiqiao Town was won by Haitian Group. As the first phase of the green industry collection belt project, this plot is planned to build an industrial village, and it will become an important industrial carrier of Haitian Group's biotechnology sector.

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