Hydrogen Industry flourishes in Nanhai, Foshan
Foshan China 2023-01-20 17:45

On January 18, People's Daily reported on the development of hydrogen industry in Nanhai District. By integrating innovative resources and attracting industrial clusters, the hydrogen energy industry in Nanhai District has grown stronger and stronger, with continuously improved competitiveness.

Hydrogen bus, hydrogen sanitation vehicle, hydrogen cold chain logistics vehicle, hydrogen shared two-wheelers, hydrogen cruise…Not long ago, the 2022 China Hydrogen Energy Industry Conference was held at the Qiaoshan Cultural Center in Nanhai District, where a number of the latest hydrogen energy application achievements were displayed, and 100 hydrogen shared two-wheelers were available for attendants to experience.

In 2009, Nanhai has introduced Guangshun New Energy fuel cell air compressor production project and took the first step to develop hydrogen energy industry, becoming one of the pionnering regions in China to explore the development of hydrogen industry.

In recent years, taking hydrogen energy industry as a new growth driver, Nanhai accelerated infrastructure construction, and continuously enhanced the capacity of hydrogen energy production, storage and transportation.

For more than 10 years, Nanhai District has attached great importance to the top-level design and system innovation, explored the construction of a coordinated and efficient hydrogen energy industry system, introduced targeted policies on hydrogen energy industry development planning, support methods, demonstration application, vehicle operation, hydrogen refueling station construction and operation, and set up a 15-billion-yuan industry upgrading master fund. 

In addition, Nanhai has also participated in national and provincial hydrogen energy industry policy research, and formulated and released more than 50 standards and specifications in the field of hydrogen energy.

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