Foshan attracts 20 investment projects at the begining of 2023
Foshan China 2023-01-31 09:48

On January 28, the investment promotion work in Foshan made a good start at the begining of 2023. There are 20 major projects with an investment of 144.5 billion yuan settled in Foshan.

These 20 projects are mostly industrial ones, including Eternal Asia New Economy Supply Chain Innovation Center Project, International Green Hydrogen Industry Innovation Intelligent Manufacturing Ecological Headquarters Base Project, Haitian Big Health Green Industry Project, TCL (Shunde) Electronic Information Industry Base Project, etc, which cover the strategic new fields of new energy, new material and advanced manufacturing .

On the one hand, the project investors are mostly leading enterprises of certain industries, including Fortune Global 500 Enterprises and China Top 500 Enterprises. For example, the investor of Huadian Corporation Ltd. "New Energy +" Large Base Demonstration Project is China Huadian Corporation Ltd., which ranked 352 on Fortune Global 500 in 2021. The investment from these big enterprises demonstrates Foshan's achievements in building the first-class business environment.

On the other hand, these projects have a large investment scale, with 16 projects of over 5 billion yuan and 3 projects of 18 billion yuan.

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