200 bln yuan! Yingyue Lake area releases its 10-year blueprint
Foshan China 2023-02-08 14:18

On February 6th , the construction and development conference for Yingyue Lake Area was held in Guicheng, Nanhai District.

According to the Strategic Development Plan of Central Cultural Zone of Foshan Yingyue Lake, based on the cultural development, Yingyue Lake area will adopt the strategy of "Two cities,Ttwo belts" to achieve the goals "City of Comfort, City of Success, City of Happiness".

Two cities refer to Yingyue New City and Pingzhou City. Grounded on the central business zone in Yingyue Lake area, Yingyue New City will work as one core service area concentrated on commercial cluster, business and public culture. In comparison, Pingzhou City will utilize the diversity in cultures and industrial elements, strengthening the role of culture in stimulating consumption and industrial development.

In terms of two belts, they are the industrial belt of specialized and sophisticated enterprises, and the culture belt of Ten-mile Shore.

"City of comfort" is to create one relaxing environment via the construction of Pingzhou City and Ten-mile Shore. "City of success" requires the upgrade of 18-square-kilometer industrial parks, teaming up with Yingyue New City and the belt of specialized and sophisticated enterprises, providing ideal environment to cultivate advanced enterprises.

Remarkably, to achieve the "City of happiness", Guicheng will invest 200 billion yuan in ten years, to promote six key areas including culture, ecology, education, transportation, industry, and old village.

At the same day, the construction of Yingyue Lake Phase Two Project was launched. Covering a land of 110 thousand square meters, phase two is to create one cohesive area with three zones, 6 attractions, and digital intelligence as industrial foundation.

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