Foshan delegation heads to Tokyo for investment promotion
Foshan China 2023-03-06 15:53

On February 28th, an economic and trade delegation of 27 representatives led by Wu Huiying, director of Foshan Bureau of Commerce, successfully held the 2023 China (Foshan) - Japan (Tokyo) Economic and Trade Promotion and Communication Conference in Tokyo. The event aimed to introduce current economic and trade situation and investment environment of Foshan, and to promote the recognition of Foshan's products in Japan, helping enterprises in Foshan to expand the Asian market.

Wu Huiying, director of Foshan Bureau of Commerce, and Zhao Jin, deputy chief of Foreign Investment Section of Foshan Bureau of Commerce, introduced the manufacture background, deep industrial foundation, layout of key industrial parks and business environment of Foshan. Kenshi Shimizu, chief of the China Division in North Asia of Japan External Trade Organization's Overseas Research Department, also introduced the latest trends in Sino-Japanese economic and trade exchanges and expressed confidence in the potential of Chinese market and the prospects for Sino-Japanese industrial cooperation.

Zhang Suihua, director of Guangdong Huate Gas Co., Ltd., and Yukitaka Naritomi, representative of Future Street Co., Ltd., a new Japanese industrial group, gave speeches as representatives of Foshan's local enterprises and Japanese conference participating enterprises, both introducing the development condition and product features of their enterprises. Both sides expressed their urgent expectation to consolidate old customers, explore new customers, and jointly expand the market.

This event brought together representatives from more than 20 Foshan enterprises and over 50 Japanese enterprises, providing opportunities for experience sharing and investment cooperation between Chinese and Japanese enterprises from building materials, furniture, to lighting industries. During the conference, Japanese and Foshan's enterprises actively exchanged and docked with each other for more than 100 times.

The Foshan Bureau of Commerce has always insist on driving high-quality development with high level of openness, firmly launching preferential policies, continuously promoting enterprises to go overseas to grab orders and expand markets, and actively participating in the reshaping of the global industrial supply chain. It's clear that with the joint efforts of the government and enterprises, the economic and trade cooperation between Foshan and Japan will reach a higher level in the future.

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