67 projects worth 95 bln yuan signed in Jan-Feb
Foshan China 2023-03-09 19:16

On March 6, during the monthly summary meeting for investment promotion, the achievements in early 2023 has been revealed. From January to February, Foshan has already introduced 67 projects valued at above 100 million yuan or 10 million dollars, yielding a 6.35% increase. The total investment exceeds 95 billion yuan, increased by 30.85%.

Quality and quantity are two significant features of the performance in the past two months. 16 projects (above 1 billion yuan or 10 million dollars) have been signed, reaching 80 billion yuan with 32% increase in total investment. For instance, Guangdong Brunp recycling Technology Co., Ltd is one iconic project launched to boost the regional development.

Notably, all districts in Foshan have completed 20% of annual contract amount. There are 165 projects above scales (100 million yuan or 10 million dollars) pending for investment, accounting for 379 billion yuan in total. 94 projects (above 1 billion yuan or 100 million dollar) have contributed 354-billion-yuan investment.

Stated by the general director of Foshan Bureau of Investment Promotion, Chen Xinwen, there are four strategies to achieve the 400-billion-yuan blueprint. First is to boost the negotiation process in pending projects. Additionally, for those signed projects, it is necessary to provide consistent support in the launch of project construction. Thirdly, seeking for projects in relevant areas and industries will be one alternative in investment promotion. Meanwhile, guidance for investment promotion agencies shall be strengthened for better coordination in promotion work.

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