World-leading 3D refrigeratory installed in Shunde Longjiang
Foshan China 2023-03-13 11:15

On March 8, the upper beam installing ceremony of the Lianfeng (the Great Bay Area) Smart Supply Chain Industrial Park project's three-dimensional refrigeratory was successfully held.

Since the project settled in Longjiang last May, it started construction immediately after acquiring the land. The project plans to build a three-dimensional refrigeratory with leading high standards in Asia. With a height of over 43 meters and the advanced intelligent cold chain storage management system, the refrigeratory will take the advantages of energy-saving technology and efficient storage solutions.

Additionally, with financial services provided by banks for the warehouse tenants, data exchange between banks and enterprises can conduct comprehensive tracking of cargo data, making the project's warehouse and distribution service a value-adding supply chain.

The installation of the three-dimensional refrigeratory's upper beam represents a solid and important step in the construction of the whole project. After the completion of the refrigeratory, an important facility platform for the green food industry in Longjiang Town will be provided, marking the development of the cold chain logistics industry in Longjiang Town in the direction of standardization, digitalization, and intelligentization.

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