GBA Gold and Jewelry Innovation Eco-City breaks ground in Shunde Lunjiao
Foshan China 2023-03-14 09:58

On March 9, the first phase of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Gold and Jewelry Innovation Eco-City (hereinafter referred to as "Gold and Jewelry Eco-City") - Jinfusheng Gold and Jewelry Fashion Industrial Park officially started construction in Lunjiao, Shunde. The total planned area of the Gold and Jewelry Eco-City project is over 1,600 acres with a total investment of more than 30 billion yuan, aiming at constructing a flagship project centered on the intelligent manufacturing of gold and jewelry.

As one of the ten innovation-leading characteristic manufacturing parks in Foshan, the construction of this project will play a model role in the innovation and development of Foshan's manufacturing industry and industrial clusters. He also added that this project will inject new impetus to the high-quality development of Shunde's traditional advantageous industries and build a gold and jewelry industry highland in the Greater Bay Area.

As the birthplace of Chinese modern gold and jewelry industry, nowadays, Lunjiao has become the "Chinese characteristic jewelry and jade industry base", attracting clusters of leading jewelry enterprises and taking up nearly 70% of Chinese rough diamond processing and importing. In recent years, Lunjiao has carefully designed and built a well-developed traffic network. With the completion of urban railways and subways, fast links with Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong have been realized.

Digital transformation is a crucial way for Lunjiao to make breakthrough in terms of high-quality development. Since 2021, Lunjiao has brought in 10 key industrial projects with a total investment of more than 40 billion yuan, and these projects are mainly digital and intelligent industrial ones with the Gold and Jewelry Eco-City being the most important project among them. Notably, the Gold and Jewelry Eco-City will realize the organic integration of digitalization and industry by introducing advanced technologies, improving the quality manufacturing, fine technology, intelligent detection, and other areas of the industry.

Up next, Lunjiao will further promote the construction of the urban upgrading and renovation project, delicately plan the TOD construction of Lunjiao Station, and realize the integration of the "Railways + Industry". Additionally, Lunjiao will also optimize urban amenities such as building a new campus of Lunjiao Primary School, a new public kindergarten, and the medical care project of the Lunjiao Hospital. With the planning and construction of the Gold and Jewelry Eco-City, Lunjiao, the national-level jewelry town, will also usher in new opportunities in urban upgrade.

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