Yizumi to build a zero-carbon digital zone
Foshan China 2023-05-06 17:28

Recently, the Third Plant of Yizumi Co., Ltd. in Wusha officially commenced construction on its photovoltaic power generation and zero-carbon demonstration zone project. Yizumi will work with Guangdong Shunde Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. to build the zone into a zero-carbon digital zone, which will contribute to the development of green industry.

The project will use the roofs of three buildings of Yizumi's Third Plant to build photovoltaic power generation system, with a roof area of around 75,700 square meters and a total installed capacity of 5.67 MW. The project will make full use of idle roof space and is expected to generate 5.39 million kWh of electricity per year, namely saving 1,797 tons of standard coal and reducing carbon dioxide by about 4,493 tons, effectively improving the utilization rate of green energy.

Guangdong Shunde Electric Power Design Institute hopes that through the cooperation, they can jointly make contributions to the realization of carbon neutrality goal with Yizumi.

At present, the photovoltaic power generation projects have been put into use in the First Plant and the Second Plant in Wusha. Yizumi's photovoltaic power generation now accounts for about 27% of its total electricity consumption, which is in line with the national policy and the sustainable development strategy.

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