Foshan manufacturing brand lists unveil: Setting benchmarks for enterprises
Foshan China 2023-05-12 09:37

On May 10, the seventh China Brand Day, the Foshan 2023 Brand Building Conference, jointly implemented by Publicity Department of Foshan Party Committee, Foshan Market Supervision Administration and Foshan News and Media Center, was held, with series list of Foshan manufacturing industrial brands released.

In order to promote brand building and polish the reputation of Foshan manufacturing industry, this conference releases a series of lists, establishing benchmarks for Foshan's enterprises.

Among them, enterprises such as Midea Group, Hisense Home Appliances have been selected to the list of Top 50 Enterprises Brand Value in Foshan. And Midea, Galanz, Vanward and other enterprises are listed among the Top 50 Ingenious Quality Enterprises.

The lists focus on brands and products closely related to citizens' daily consumption, especially adhering to the quality of products. Foshan's enterprises are comprehensively evaluated from multiple dimensions, such as market share, brand image, quality, and scientific and technological innovation.

Next, Foshan will continuously promote the listed benchmark enterprises and brands, creating the business atmosphere focusing on quality and brands, and thereby helping the high-quality development of Foshan's manufacturing industry.

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