Shiwan ceramic shows the charm of Lingnan culture at industry forums
Foshan China 2023-05-15 17:52

From May 10 to 11, the "World Ceramics · New Departure - Ceramic Brand Development Forum" and the "Digital Economy and Real Economy Integration Innovation and Development Forum" were held in Shanghai and Deqing respectively. Ceramic sculpture masterpieces from Chancheng Shiwan were unveiled at the main venue of these two forums, showing the charm of Lingnan culture.

These two forums aim to promote Chinese ceramic brands via series of events, such as academic industry seminars and high-end dialogues, eventually providing a platform to showcase cities' image and company brands.

Those ceramic sculpture masterpieces exhibited have feature both traditional realistic features of Shiwan ceramics, and contemporary innovative techniques and elements, showing the unique charm of Lingnan culture and Foshan's efforts in urban renewal to the world.

Shiwan ceramic is a shining cultural feature of Foshan. Since the launch of the Meitao Bay project last year, Chancheng has continuously promoted Shiwan ceramics' reputation throughout the country. In the future, Chancheng will strive to build Meitao Bay into a national-level industrial demonstration park, thereby stimulate the urban renewal and industrial transformation, making Meitao Bay a world-level ceramics industrial and cultural center.

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