State-owned enterprises lead investment in Foshan's Biomedical Industrial Park
Foshan China 2023-06-21 15:46

The biomedical industry in Foshan is set to soar to new heights as a leading State-owned enterprise (SOE) has attracted a key national-level laboratory to settle in Sanshui’s Yundonghai Biomedical Industry Park. This move signifies a significant boost for the industry's development, propelling it forward in its quest for high-quality growth.

The groundbreaking announcement was made during the Foshan Biomedical Industry High-quality Development and Yundonghai Biomedical Industry Park "Zero Carbon" Park Planning Research Press Conference held on June 17. A slew of major strategic cooperation projects, including the prestigious Jihua Laboratory, the NMPA Key Laboratory for Quality Monitoring and Evaluation of Vaccines and Biological Products (Yiding Bio), the National Medical Products Administration Institute of Medical Economics, Guangdong Academy of Sciences Holdings Limited, and GF Securities Co., Ltd., have signed agreements to settle in Yundonghai Biomedical Industry Park.

This collaboration between the projects and Foshan Jianfa Group, a prominent municipal-owned enterprise, is expected to foster the clustered development of the biomedical industry within the park. The Yundonghai Biomedical Industry Park, one of Foshan's "Top Ten Innovation-led Characteristic Manufacturing Industry Parks," was established last year and has already attracted substantial investments, with several projects exceeding billions of yuan.

Under the state-led initiative, the park's infrastructure construction and project attraction have been on an accelerated process. Foshan has positioned itself as a crucial hub for nurturing the biomedical industry, attracting two mega-projects valued at over 100 billion yuan and one project exceeding 50 billion yuan. In 2023 alone, more than 150 projects have been reserved, with 45 currently under negotiation. Among them, 25 projects are considered potential key projects, with an estimated total annual output value surpassing 10 billion yuan.

Yiding Bio, as the first third-party organization among the National Medical Products Administration's 117 key laboratories, will establish a research and development testing center to provide services to companies within the park. Their laboratory specializes in the development of new tools, standards, and methods for supervision, spanning preclinical research, clinical trials, and post-marketing monitoring and evaluation.

Notably, the conference also unveiled the research results of the "Zero Carbon Park" Planning for Yundonghai Biomedical Industry Park. Led by the State Council, the research proposes a "Zero Carbon" smart park management platform and a "Zero Carbon" smart energy supply and service system. These forward-thinking plans aim to guide the Park's construction, ensuring a conducive environment for sustainable growth in the biomedical industry.

With vast potential for future development, China's biomedical industry is poised to make significant strides. By adopting a global perspective and prioritizing zero-carbon and low-carbon development, Foshan is leading the charge towards a sustainable and high-quality future for the industry. This visionary approach is set to place Foshan firmly on the biomedical map, attracting further investment and driving innovation in this burgeoning field.


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