1.2 bln Investment for Massive Energy Storage Project settles in Sanshui
Foshan China 2023-06-27 17:58

In a significant boost to Sanshui District's energy storage industry, a groundbreaking agreement was reached on June 25 for a colossal project worth 1.2 billion yuan. The project, which involves the establishment of a 100MW/400MWh standalone energy storage power station, has been secured in Baini Town. Zhongcheng Dayou Industrial Group Co., Ltd., will spearhead the investment and construction efforts.

The location chosen for this project is the Julongwan Intelligent Equipment (Energy Storage) Industrial Park, spanning approximately 55 mu. With a planned investment of 1.2 billion yuan, the project aims to cater to Sanshui's growing energy demands and ensure a stable power supply.

As Sanshui District situates in Guangdong's load center, it confronts various challenges related to electricity consumption. To address these issues effectively, the project intends to adopt a cutting-edge hybrid energy storage battery system. This system will incorporate lithium iron phosphate technology (50MW/100MWh) and iron-chromium liquid flow technology (50MW/300MWh), enhancing the security, stability, scalability, and sustainability of energy supply.

Zhang Jinpei, Zhongcheng Dayou's Secretary of the Party Committee, highlighted the company's extensive presence in the new energy sector. Boasting a comprehensive portfolio spanning natural gas, thermal coal, and photovoltaics, Zhongcheng Dayou has established long-term strategic collaborations with prominent industry enterprises such as Huawei, Sungrow Power Supply, and CATL.

The implementation of the iron-chromium liquid flow technology, a critical component of the project, will be carried out by Zhonghai Energy Storage Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. With over a decade of research and development in the field, Zhonghai Energy Storage is a technology-driven enterprise specializing in energy storage solutions for new energy construction.

This announcement follows Zhonghai Energy Storage's prior involvement in Sanshui District, where their intelligent assembly project for system modules took root. Notably, this initiative marks the first large-scale production of iron-chromium flow batteries in the country. The collaborative efforts between Zhongcheng Dayou and Zhonghai Energy Storage will undoubtedly accelerate the growth of Sanshui's emerging energy storage industry.

Li Jun, Secretary of the Sanshui District Committee, emphasized the significance of the manufacturing industry as the primary catalyst for the district's industrial transformation. With Sanshui actively attracting and nurturing emerging industries, the demand for space and energy continues to rise. Li Jun believes that the launching of Zhongcheng Dayou's project will play a pivotal role in shaping new industries, attracting fresh projects, and providing exceptional industrial services and production elements to enterprises throughout the district.

To facilitate the project's success, Li Jun called on relevant departments in Sanshui District to optimize the business environment further. He emphasized the implementation of the "Good for You" enterprise service system, which aims to support businesses and expedite construction, production, and results. Looking ahead, Sanshui District plans to establish energy storage stations in various parks, ensuring proximity-based services for park enterprises and meeting the energy needs of emerging projects. These initiatives will accelerate the growth of emerging industry clusters and pave the way for the creation of a new industrial powerhouse in Sanshui District.

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