Shunde unveils the planning map of Heron Development Zone
Foshan China 2023-06-28 16:05

Anticipation is building as Shunde reveals its most visionary urban sector for the next decade! The highly anticipated commencement ceremony for the "Heron Development Zone" (hereinafter referred to as "the Zone" in Shunde was held on June 28. This momentous event provides an in-depth exploration of the crafted design for the Zone, unveiling key land areas and featuring the signing of key projects. Notably, as the first urban focal area in Shunde to embrace Foshan's esteemed Chief Designer System, the Zone also appoints its own chief designer during the event.

Nestled in the southern hub of Shunde's metropolitan landscape, the Zone stands as the vibrant core of the Shunde East New City. With exceptional transportation convenience, the Zone enjoys the proximity of multiple urban rail lines, highways, and express routes. Its strategic location allows for a mere half-hour journey to Guangzhou and a swift 70-minute transit to downtown Shenzhen. It emerges as a crucial gateway for fostering cultural exchange, technological innovation, and the cultivation of an upscale living environment within the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

The Zone boasts a wealth of aquatic resources, graced by the meandering Li Jiasha Waterway and the Jizhou Stream on its eastern fringes. To the west, the Guipan Sea weaves together the Zone with landmarks, including Shunfeng Mountain Park, OCT Harbour PLUS, and the enchanting banks of the Desheng River. This outline skillfully forms a breathtaking panorama, embellishing Shunde's central urban landscape.

Moreover, the Zone showcases a distinctive and captivating resource—a diverse array of heron within the Greater Bay Area. Covering approximately 6 hectares, the Zone's core section embraces expansive bamboo groves. This haven attracts an impressive variety of bird species, including great egrets, intermediate egrets, little egrets, night herons, pond herons, cattle egrets, and grey herons, totaling nearly 30,000 birds. Such ecological birdlife represents an invaluable asset within the wider Greater Bay Area. As twilight descends, citizens can witness the awe-inspiring spectacle of myriad heron returning to their nests, soaring through the sky like pear blossoms against the backdrop of Shunde's urban skyline.

Bolstered by its strategic location, local ecological advantages, and regional advantages, the Zone undeniably stands as Shunde's most promising urban zone for the coming decade. However, the realization of this grand vision also requires subtle consideration given its unique ecological characteristics.

Over the past few years, under the leadership of the Shunde Government and guided by the principles of prioritizing ecological conservation, as well as the planning policies set forth by "Beautiful Guangdong", the planning of the zone has undergone multiple rounds of adjustments. Located within the city's water area, the Zone aims to achieve harmonious coexistence between humans and nature. It aspires to become a place that Shunde residents can forever be proud of—a water city that fulfills people's desires for a better life and provides a more refined living environment and quality of life.

In the future, the Zone will be a poetic haven where humans and birds coexist. Birds will be present at all times, and bird-watching will be possible everywhere. It will be an exquisite and intimate water city, reviving the idyllic waterside life.

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