First Advanced Manufacturing Financial Hub to debut in Foshan New City
Foshan China 2023-06-28 16:06

Foshan recognizes the pivotal role of finance as the lifeblood of the real economy. By championing the manufacturing sector and spearheading the creation of a global manufacturing innovation center, Foshan is seizing the opportunity to push the boundaries of financial reform and innovation. A diverse range of financial services will be leveraged to elevate the development potential and competitiveness of the financial industry, catering to the high-level demands of manufacturing transformation and upgrading.

Boosting Real Economy with Financial Support

Shunde, as one of Foshan's five districts, holds a prominent position within the Guangfo Metropolitan Circle and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. As a renowned manufacturing stronghold, "Shunde Manufacturing" enjoys nationwide acclaim. Recent years, Shunde has witnessed a remarkable evolution as traditional manufacturing integrates with cutting-edge technologies, transforming "Shunde Manufacturing" into the impressive realm of "Shunde Intelligent Manufacturing."

To support the high-quality development of advanced manufacturing in Foshan, Shunde is unwavering in its commitment to foster a manufacturing-friendly environment. The establishment of the Foshan Advanced Manufacturing Financial Hub will serve as the core within Foshan New City. This strategic initiative aims to facilitate a deep integration between productive service industries and manufacturing, bolstered by the driving force of modern finance. Additionally, complementary policies will be introduced to ensure seamless support. The hub will attract financial talent and offer convenient access to essential services, including lifestyle amenities, education, healthcare, and more.

Foshan New City: Embrace Brand-new Opportunities

Recognizing the pivotal role of the financial industry, Foshan New City embarked on an ambitious journey in June 2022 with the initiation of the Foshan International Financial Center project. As the focal point of Foshan New City's central business area, it is set to soar to great heights, with plans for a towering 318-meter ecological complex. Its ultimate goal is to establish a regional financial hub, fostering a convergence of financial power.

The skyline of Foshan New City is a testament to its progress, adorned with various skyscrapers. More than 2,500 companies have already made their home here, with an impressive annual growth rate of over 40% in the number of companies. Notable regional financial giants such as Ping An Bank Foshan Branch, Construction Bank Foshan Branch, and Foshan Integrated Financial Group have seized the opportunity and set up their headquarters in Foshan New City.

In the same year, the Foshan-Shunde Financial and Judicial Cooperation Center was inaugurated at the Sino-European Services Center in Foshan New City. It is designed to coordinate financial regulation, mediation, and business associations, with the support of the judicial system. It provides a solid foundation for Foshan's ambitious plans to establish an enterprise-friendly service system and cultivate an exceptional business environment.

On April 14, 2023, the Cross-Border E-commerce Cluster Zone in Foshan New City was unveiled at Xinrui Square. This zone boasts an array of essential services, including an alluring product selection and exhibition space, a dynamic cross-border e-commerce live-streaming base, an international talent hub in the Greater Bay Area, an innovation hub, an operational service center, and an international design base. Its aim is to foster a digital commerce ecosystem in Shunde, setting the stage for remarkable growth.

As Foshan looks to the future, it utilizes the collective strength and leverages local industrial advantages to forge ahead with its vision of a manufacturing financial hub centered around Foshan New City. This bold initiative will guide financial institutions in providing unwavering support for manufacturing development and establishing a comprehensive financial service system, propelling Foshan’s path toward high-quality development in the years to come.

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