Foshan launches "Talent Hall" to drive innovation and collaboration
Foshan China 2023-07-05 17:16

On July 3, The "Talent Hall" was inaugurated at Lingnan Tiandi, Chancheng District, aiming to create a hub for talented individuals to gather. The Hall provides a space for talent exchanges, learning, and innovative collaborations.

The Hall offers various amenities such as dining, bars, and coffee shops. It has already hosted around 70 events, including talent receptions and salons, attracting talents from different fields and industries. The Hall also focuses on building interest communities and providing diverse talent services.

In the "Talent Night Talk" event, high-end experts in the biopharmaceutical field shared their experiences and discussed the impact on Foshan's biopharmaceutical development. The Talent Hall aims to be a platform for talent communication, sharing, and promotion, facilitating the exchange of ideas and supporting Foshan's high-quality development.

The establishment of the Talent Hall signifies Chancheng District's commitment to serving high-level talents. The Hall is expected to become a venue for academic exchanges, project presentations, resource connections, and provide favorable services, attracting talented individuals to gather, collaborate, and contribute to the district's growth.


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Photo | Foshan Daily