HiTrom Han's Unveils Solar Power Project: Building a Sustainable Industrial Park
Foshan China 2023-07-14 11:24

On July 10, HiTrom Han's Intelligent Manufacturing City initiated the commencement of its solar power project. This milestone represents a significant step forward in the creation of an exceptional industrial park that embodies the guidelines of environmental consciousness and low-carbon footprint.

With the national "Dual-Carbon" goal taking center stage, the imperative to construct sustainable and eco-friendly parks has gained immense traction. Recognizing the importance of this movement, HiTrom Han's Intelligent Manufacturing City is poised to establish itself as a pioneer, serving as a model for future green initiatives.

By embarking on this groundbreaking solar power endeavor, HiTrom Han's Intelligent Manufacturing City aims to propel the region towards a greener and more sustainable future. The project's strategic alignment with the national energy objectives signifies a collective commitment towards achieving a carbon-neutral society.

The partnership between HiTrom Han's Intelligent Manufacturing City and the State Power Investment Corporation, a prominent global player in the energy sector, brings forth a wealth of expertise and resources. The collaboration is set to provide the enterprises with comprehensive energy solutions, including solar and wastewater power generation, thus enabling them to harness zero-carbon electricity.

The Chairman of HiTrom Han's Intelligent Manufacturing City, Yang Zhaobin, expressed his confidence for the project, emphasizing its potential to enhance energy efficiency and foster a culture of environmental consciousness among the Park. The combined efforts of both sides will undoubtedly lay the foundation for a sustainable and carbon-neutral hub, positioning the region as a leader in the pursuit of long-term ecological harmony.

As a key project in Guangdong Province and a symbol of high-quality development, the Park continues to drive innovation in various industries. With a focus on system integration, intelligent manufacturing equipment, and industrial automation, the Park has become a breeding ground for cutting-edge research and development. By nurturing collaborations with top European R&D teams and achieving self-reliance in core technologies and key components, the Park aims to foster a thriving ecosystem that encompasses the entire robotics industry value chain.

As HiTrom Han's Intelligent Manufacturing City endeavors to shape a digital transformation example and emphasizes its commitment to sustainable progress, the realization of its solar power project is the best proof in contributing to the high-quality development of Shunde's economy.


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