Yundonghai Biomedicine Industrial Park achieves new progress
Foshan China 2023-07-18 16:17

On July 12, the first phase of Guangdong Medical Valley·Yundonghai Life Science Park (hereinafter referred to as "Science Park") Project has capped, with Group A buildings ready for completion. Notably, the first phase project is customized for biomedicine industry like drug innovation and advanced medical equipment. Nowadays, it has attracted a batch of potential companies to settle in the park, which is expected to boost the development of biomedicine industrial cluster in Sanshui.

Photo/ Lai Jirun

According to Yuan Yun, project leader of the Science Park, the first phase was capped on July 12, and is expected to operate by October. The first phase consists Group A and Group B buildings, in which Group A will be ready for operation in July while Group B will continue its interior decoration.

The first phase covers a land of 7.6 hectares, including 20 plants and 1 office complex. Apart from laboratories and grand meeting halls for companies, it also provides facilities like restaurants, gyms and libraries to enhance employees' wellbeing.

Photo/ Lai Jirun

Currently, there are over 30 projects pending, with more than 10 projects having confirmed their settlement, including Liquid chromatography packing, and efficient separation and purification media for biomedicine. It is expected to attract more projects in the fields of drug innovation, vaccination, advanced medical equipment in the future.

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