Foshan Sanlongwan Maker Carnival Concludes with Success
Foshan China 2023-07-20 17:39

On July 18, the first Foshan Sanlongwan Maker Carnival successfully concluded in Sanlongwan Sci-Tech City. The event, also known as the Sanshan Forum, attracted an impressive number of over 3000 young entrepreneurs from all around the world, making it a grand celebration of creativity and innovation in Foshan.

Building an Exemplary Integrated "Industry-City-People" Development Model

"Though space may be limited, creativity is limitless. The impressive performances and designs showcased during this event highlight the increasing vitality and brilliance of the Sanlongwan. The future possibilities are infinite," said Pan Dongsheng, Director of the Foshan Sanlongwan Sci-Tech City Management Committee. The Nanhai region of Sanlongwan has attracted numerous headquarters and technology enterprises, actively contributing to advancing innovative research and development within the companies.

At the Forum, experts from various fields such as bridges, parks, and corporate headquarters discussed the relationship between technological innovation, intelligent construction, and urban aesthetics. Their insights contributed valuable ideas for the integrated development of industry, city, and culture in Sanlongwan.

Li Sheng, General Manager of AAUPC (China Agency), said, "In the design of the Wenhan Lake Park, we incorporated local cultural symbols and imprints into the park facilities to showcase its uniqueness and regional identity. In addition to preserving the original ecological elements, the park also hosts the Jihua Laboratory, enhancing the overall urban environment."

Wang Quan, Director of the LWK+PARTNERS Architecture Firm, commented that, "Huya Games Global R&D Headquarters recently received international awards. I believe that architecture grows from within a city, and key landmark buildings play a crucial role in driving the city forward. Huya Games has emerged at the Wenhan Lake like a spring bamboo shoot, representing the spirit of the times."

To attract young talents and innovators to establish roots and develop in the city, not only is it essential to create a technological and creative ecosystem but also to incorporate urban aesthetics into the city's development through intelligent construction. Sanlongwan is striving to achieve precisely this objective.

In the future, Sanlongwan will utilize the Forum as a platform to facilitate the communication among academia, the arts, business and young people underpinned by the Forum.

Fostering Youth Appeal: From Science Ecosystem to Intelligent Construction

Since its launch on May 4, the first Foshan Sanlongwan Maker Carnival has held 15 events, attracting over 3,000 young makers and over a million people through online interaction.

To attract and nurture more young talents and entrepreneurs, creating an environment conducive to their development is crucial. "We need to emphasize policy creation to cultivate talent," said Pan Dongsheng. A series of cultural and sporting events during the Maker Carnival have invigorated the talent atmosphere in the Nanhai region of Sanlongwan. The aim is to persistently continue these efforts to achieve better results.

01 Igniting Talent Vitality with the Dragon Boat Spirit

The Maker Carnival kicked off with the Wenhan Lake Youth Dragon Boat Race. Subsequently, a total of 48 football matches, 108 sports events, and a series of youth activities such as the City Exploration and Fun Dating at Sanlongwan were held over nine days. These initiatives created an environment that attracted talented individuals, making makers feel connected to Sanlongwan.

02 Embracing the Greater Bay Area, Activating Openness

During the Maker Carnival, 16 key projects were signed and implemented in Sanlongwan, covering various fields such as Sino-German cooperation and cooperation with high-end talents from Hong Kong, creating a new pattern of outbound investment and attracting investment to the area. At the same time, Sanlongwan also hosted events like HKUST One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition (Foshan) and the Meta·Ex Digital Creative Culture Industry Innovation Development Forum, providing a larger platform for makers to practice their skills.

03 Reigniting Innovation Power with Science and Technology

With a focus on collaboration and openness, the carnival facilitated connections between local businesses and international partners, extensively connecting global innovation resources and actively building Sanlongwan into a technological source for strategic emerging industries in Foshan, a space for turning dreams into reality.

The success of the Sanlongwan Maker Carnival has positioned Sanlongwan Sci-Tech City on the map as a promising destination for budding entrepreneurs and a center for technological advancements. The city aims to continue its efforts to embrace the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area’s opportunities and promote high-quality development.

The carnival's conclusion marked the beginning of a new journey for Sanlongwan, as it continues to build a thriving ecosystem for talents and innovation, making Foshan an even more dynamic and forward-looking city.

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Photo | Sanlongwan Nanhai Area