Shunde Culinary Representatives Seize New Opportunity at SIAL International Food Exhibition (Shenzhen)
Foshan China 2023-09-01 17:10

From August 28 to 29, in an effort to support Shunde's catering businesses in discovering new opportunities, the Daliang Gourmet Tourism Promotion Association from Shunde District, Foshan, organized a group of over 140 representatives to embark on an immersive journey to the SIAL International Food Exhibition (Shenzhen).

SIAL International Food Exhibition (Shenzhen) is one of the world's top three food exhibitions, covering an area of 45,000 square meters. It brings together over 1,200 exhibitors from more than 33 countries and regions, along with over 40 domestic and international buyer groups. The exhibition showcases the entire food and beverage industry chain, catering to various food and beverage needs.

The exhibition hall is filled with renowned companies from around the world, offering a wide variety of snacks and beverages. Innovative products and technologies are showcased, such as soy sauce ice cream and healthy puffed snacks made from ingredients like corns and lotus roots. The exhibition also highlights the importance of food safety with advanced testing and quality control measures. Through this visit, representatives from the catering industry in Shunde gained valuable insights into the industry's innovation and development.

"The exhibition is highly international, forward-looking, professional, and innovative." Representatives believe that this visit will broaden their horizons and help Shunde catering enterprises understand the latest trends in domestic and international food and beverage industries.

Wu Hongwei, a representative of Daxiao Dim Sum, expressed his delight in witnessing the presence of companies and products from various countries and regions. Through the interaction and exchange, he has gained valuable insights into the requirements and standards of food businesses in the international market.

"Many food enterprises at the exhibition are exploring innovation and incorporating more elements into their culinary creations. This is quite inspiring for the catering industry in Shunde. The development of Shunde cuisine should keep pace with the times," said Zhu Jianping, the Secretary-General of Damei Tourism. The Association will organize more high-quality exchange activities to strengthen communication and interaction among members, and provide more learning and exchange opportunities.

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