Taiwan Business Delegation in Foshan | Sharing new opportunities in GBA
Foshan China 2023-09-11 14:07

With excellent geographical location, strong economic vitality, complete industrial system, and a gathering of innovative elements, the Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) has become a hot spot for investment. On September 7, the Taiwan Business Delegation of 2023 "Taiwan Business Joining the Greater Bay Area" themed activity visited Foshan. The Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau Affairs Office of Foshan's Municipal Party Committee, together with the Investment Promotion Bureau of Foshan, held a promotion conference on the investment environment of Foshan.

The conference aimed to discuss the new opportunities brought by the construction of the GBA and seek high-quality development for Foshan-Taiwan cooperation. Various topics and opinions were discussed and exchanged among the attending guests.

At the conference, the delegation invited Taiwan business representatives who have long-established connections with the GBA. Li Wenchang, Chairman of the Taiwan Business Investors Association of Foshan, started his business in Foshan 23 years ago. After years of reform and development, his company, Tay Hsin (Nanhai, Foshan) Knitting Company Limited, has transformed from a traditional manufacturing company to a high-tech enterprise, becoming a representative of Taiwan-funded enterprises in intelligent transformation and upgrading. When talking about the future, Li expressed strong confidence in deepening his roots in Foshan and expanding further investment here. "Our company has invested 5 million dollars in Foshan this year alone, and we are expected to invest 30 to 40 million dollars in the next three to four years, doubling the company's output value," said Li.

Tianxin Tiansi System, a provider of enterprise informatization solutions, is a leading Taiwan-funded enterprise. After visiting multiple cities in the GBA last year, the company decided to invest 5 billion yuan in the intelligent equipment industry project in the Lubao (Sanshui) Area of Northern Foshan Strategic New Industrial Park. Cai Wenqing, the founder of the company, expressed his great confidence in Foshan's investment environment and entrepreneurial atmosphere. "Through the construction of this intelligent manufacturing project, we hope to attract companies from all over the country, including Taiwan, to the industrial park, and assist them in achieving intelligent transformation and upgrading while providing better services to Foshan," said Cai.

During the promotion conference, Ding Xifeng, member of Foshan's Municipal Party Committee, on behalf of the Foshan's Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, sincerely welcomed the delegation members and provided a detailed introduction to Foshan's economic and social development. Ding stated that the economic and trade exchanges between Foshan and Taiwan are frequent. Foshan has been one of the most active investment areas for Taiwan business, with a total of 1,515 registered Taiwan-funded enterprises settled. Ding also introduced that, currently Foshan insists on manufacturing as its mainstay, continuously deepening the integration of Foshan-Taiwan's economies, and hopes to further strengthen cooperation in the fields of new-generation information technology, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, new energy, and high-end equipment, leveraging Foshan's manufacturing advantages and Taiwan's industrial and technological edges to promote higher-quality development in Foshan-Taiwan cooperation.

In addition, the delegation also visited FAW-Volkswagen - Foshan, Grandblue Electric Solid Waste Treatment (Foshan) Co., Ltd., and other representative companies to gain an in-depth understanding of Foshan's high-quality development.

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