Yundonghai Healthcare Industrial Park Attracts 800 mln yuan Investment
Foshan China 2023-10-16 17:40

On October 11, the signing ceremony of Phage Drug Research and Development Production Base was held. With a planned investment of 800 million yuan, it plans to launch a phage drug research and production platform in Yundonghai Healthcare Industrial Park, Sanshui. The settlement of this project also aligns with the strategic blueprint of the industrial park, which is to attract more relevant companies and create a biomedicine industry cluster.

It aims to build a research and production base for phage and other relevant products, offering green, secure, and effective solution to drug-resistant bacterial diseases. The settlement in Yundonghai Healthcare Industrial Park also comes with significant benefits. The industrial park has already established collaboration with Guangdong Provincial Health Commission in building high-level clinical research center and high-level medical animal experiment center. Additionally, it is qualified as drug regulatory reform pilot area in Guangdong, which could offer supporting services like review and approval, application for administrative license and conducting inspection.

Commented by Huang Hai, Sanshui District director, the settlement of this project will embrace broad market potential as it would serve for South China and even Southeast Asian. Sanshui will further promote business environment and provide comprehensive service for every project.

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