Get an insight into the semiannual report of Foshan National High-tech Industrial Development Zone
Foshan China 2023-10-23 17:48

In this flourishing summer, with surging blue waves, Foshan set sail with a new wave of innovative momentum.

The mid-year report for Foshan National High-tech Industrial Development Zone (Hereinafter referred to as FHIDZ) was recently released, showcasing a series of commendable achievements. Some emerging technologies made global or domestic debut; the innovation credit loan for enterprises has approved over 790-million-yuan applications; From January to April, enterprises included in statistical scale in the FHIDZ have achieved a total industrial output value of 202.427 billion yuan, marking a 0.24% increase. The total export volume increased by 3.32%, and operating revenue saw a growth of 0.32%.

A series of positively growing data demonstrates the resilience and stability of this national high-tech zone. This year, FHIDZ has persisted in promoting both technology development and services, contributing to propelling Foshan into a new era of modernization.

Forging an innovation hub with globally pioneering technologies

Recently, good news constantly comes from various innovation platforms located in FHIDZ.

On June 28th, Xianhu Laboratory successfully developed the world's first ammonia-hydrogen fusion direct injection zero-carbon internal combustion engine. This represents a significant technological breakthrough in China's commercial vehicle sector in the field of carbon neutrality. Earlier, Xianhu Laboratory and Oceano successfully produced tiles using zero-carbon combustion technology, marking the exploration of a viable carbon-neutral technology path for China's high-temperature manufacturing industry.

Ji Hua Laboratory has unveiled the world's first rare earth oxide TFT-driven AM-LED splicing display panel, providing strong technical support for reducing power consumption and costs, as well as enhancing resolution in high-end splicing LED displays. Additionally, the scale hydrogen storage and graded static hydrogen compression devices introduced by Guangdong Institute for Advanced Materials and Technology has successfully been applied to the power system, marking the first domestic solid-state hydrogen power generation, and paving the way for laboratory economy.

A high-tech zone serves as a technology hub and innovation incubation. To see whether a high-tech zone has competitive strength and growing potential, the key is to assess its commitment in both high and new technology.

Creating an innovation hub is the top priority. On one hand, FHIDZ is actively implementing the local government's action plan for promoting high-quality manufacturing. It strongly supports the establishment of the Ji Hua Laboratory as a national technology innovation center and the Xianhu Laboratory as a key national energy laboratory. Simultaneously, it's expediting the development of platforms such as the Foshan Center of the National Intelligent Design and CNC Technology Innovation Center, Guangdong Institute of Semiconductor Micro-Nano Manufacturing Technology, and Guangdong Institute for Advanced Materials and Technology, running in the fast track of laboratory economy.

Furthermore, put emphasis on elevating both the number and standards of high-tech businesses. In the first six months, FHIDZ has conducted 793 tutorial visits to companies in five industrial parks, preparing in advance for this year's high-tech enterprise applications. The aim is to achieve an increase of more than 1,000 high-tech enterprises by the end of the year.

FHIDZ is consistently driving the cluster-scale development of emerging industries.

Manufacturing is the cornerstone and foundation of Foshan's development. To promote high-quality development of manufacturing industry, Foshan simultaneously focuses on the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries while nurturing and expanding emerging industries. To achieve this, FHIDZ leverages the advantages of its institutional mechanism - one zone covering five parks, and consistently drives the cluster-scale development of emerging industries.

One of the highlights is the strategic development of the "Five Parks". For instance, Chancheng Park is leveraging its central location to establish a hub for Foshan digital economy innovation industry, hosting leading projects such as Xiaomi AIOT, Tencent Cloud Digital Economy Industrial Base, and Huawei Industrial Internet Innovation Center. In Shunde Park, efforts are underway to build the Foshan Beijiao Robot Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, with the successful launch of Phase II of the Midea-KUKA Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Park, followed by the Estun-Cloos Robotics South China R&D and Production Base in progress. Additionally, Gaoming Park is emphasizing its commitment to eco-friendly practices, with Cangjiang Industrial Park in the core area achieving a 100% recycling rate for renewable resources and receiving recognition as a national-level green industrial park.

In the first six months, FHIDZ has actively coordinated the development of the Northern Foshan Strategic New Industrial Park. It has taken the lead in completing the industrial planning and urban design for two core starting areas in this park, namely the Yundonghai Biomedicine Port and the Datonghu Science and Technology Industrial Park. FHIDZ also creatively drew up the first city design guidelines in Foshan for Double Ten Parks (Top 10 innovation-leading manufacturing parks and Top 10 modern service industry cluster areas).

Enhancing enterprise services throughout the entire process

FHIDZ has demonstrated remarkable efforts in optimizing the comprehensive range of services this year. They have established Startup Team Acceleration Lab and introduced financial products such as Innovation Points-based Loan for Enterprises, Digital Loan, etc. Additionally, they have organized events to facilitate collaboration among manufacturing industries. Furthermore, they have actively supported and facilitated businesses' participation in exhibitions, showcasing their unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service for enterprises.

Currently, FHIDZ has established the first batch of nine Enterprise Service Stations and integrated 78 specialized service organizations into the pool of enterprise services in FHIDZ. They have assembled a dedicated team of over one hundred professionals to provide services. In the first five months of this year, they have reached and served a total of over 3,700 companies.

The first step of serving enterprises is to find the potential ones. Recently, 2022 Annual Ranking of Enterprises with Innovation Points in FHIDZ was released, with 100 sci-tech enterprises listed. Making active investment in sci-tech innovation, digitization and intelligentization, and playing a leading role in respective industries are the share characters of these enterprises.

The next key question is how to speed up their development. In this year, FHIDZ has launched Industrial Digitization and Intelligentization Upgrading Lab and Start-up Acceleration Lab. By introducing methods like service acceleration and investment promotion, it aims to assist enterprises in development and expansion. Remarkably, 80 member enterprises of the first batch of Start-up Acceleration Lab have achieved an 12.6% increase in total turnover.

Technology innovation cannot live without capital. Deficiency of financing support has long been a major obstacle for tech-oriented enterprises. To address this, FHIDZ introduced a dedicated innovation points-based loans product, approving loan applications totaling over 790 million RMB for 17 companies. Furthermore, focusing on the financing challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises, it launches the Financing Secured Loan with a cumulative loan amount of 175 million RMB. Additionally, in collaboration with the Foshan branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, FHIDZ has promoted exclusive products such as Digital Loans and Equipment Loans, granting credit to 283 enterprises, with a total credit amount of 47.708 billion RMB.

To further boost business development, industry cooperation has become a key focus. This year, leveraging Foshan's industrial strengths, FHIDZ has initiated exchange activities among Shenzhen, Mianyang and Foshan, and even held event in Hong Kong for the first time. They have facilitated deep connections with Hong Kong universities and research institutions on over 50 Foshan manufacturing upgrading needs. This effort aims to enhance integration between Hong Kong innovation resources and Foshan industry.

FHIDZ held the 2023 Torch Sci-tech Achievements Transformation Cooperation event in Hong Kong for the first time.

Collaboration across industries has made remarkable achievements. For instance, in February of this year, FHIDZ orchestrated the participation of 72 local companies in the 17th Automechanika Exhibition (Shenzhen). This group of Foshan enterprises achieved an approximate 800 million yuan in intended orders, showcasing a 5.1% growth compared to the previous year.

FHIDZ orchestrates the participation of 72 automotive spare parts companies in an exhibition in Shenzhen.

Innovation is the primary driver for the development of technological companies, and the protection to intellectual property right is the safeguard of innovation. In April of this year, FHIDZ Intellectual Property Right Collaborative Operation Center officially inaugurated, aiming to significantly enhance the quality, application, management, and service levels of intellectual property right. This initiative is geared towards propelling the construction of a national-level intellectual property pilot zone.

Foshan and Hong Kong holding hands to push tech transformation cooperation

Under a series of initiatives, Foshan's economic and social development has taken significant strides. Moving forward, FHIDZ aims to bolster, refine, and expand the manufacturing industry through the following strategies.

The establishment of a collaborative science and technology transformation zone between Foshan and Hong Kong is a key focus. Foshan and Hong Kong share a close geographical location, familial connections, and cultural similarities. Foshan has always been one of the perfect places for Hong Kong investments. Since the beginning of this year, Foshan government has shown significant commitment to technological collaboration with Hong Kong. They have organized various activities to align with specific needs and developed a transformation pattern that research and development is carried out in Hong Kong while production and manufacturing is conducted in Foshan.

In February, the main leaders of the Foshan Municipal Party Committee led a delegation to visit Hong Kong; In April, the delegation of Hong Kong SAR Government and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Legislative Council visited Foshan; In June, the Torch Sci-tech Achievement Transformation Cooperation made its debut in Hong Kong, fully demonstrating that the mutually beneficial cooperation in the fields of technology, industry and talents has been continuously enhanced between Hong Kong and Foshan

The representatives of FHIDZ revealed that in the future, there will be more efforts on the establishment of Foshan (Hong Kong) Science and Technology Innovation and Transformation Cooperation Zone, and more discussion on the establishment of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area University Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Center. This will promote the deep integration of Hong Kong's science and technology innovation services industry with Foshan's manufacturing industry.

Fostering talent cultivation is crucial for the prosperity of a city. Over the past three years, FHIDZ has invested nearly 0.27 billion yuan to support 74 talent team projects and introduced over 220 high-level talents. A significant move in the near future will be advancing the construction of Foshan Talent Innovation Lighthouse Industrial Park.

It's reported that FHIDZ is planning to introduce a specific support policy namely the Measures to Promote High-Quality Development of Foshan Talent Innovation Lighthouse Industrial Park. This policy will involve developing and enhancing industry plans, spatial plans, and other specialized plans. It will also initiate detailed implementation plans for the Lighthouse Industrial Park, including the "Feihong Plan", "Brand Plan", and "Industry-University-Research Plan". Additionally, it will advance the construction of projects like the North Area Science and Technology Innovation Center, Guanghongqi E-Chuang Hui Bay, Foshan Wanyang Technology Innovation Park, and the Innovation Bay Talent Apartments. Simultaneously, land consolidation work will commence in the South Area to expedite the construction of the core area.

To create a distinctive enterprise service system, FHIDZ will establish an online platform for connecting business services supply and demand. It will also initiate the "Enterprise Service Month" campaign, conduct visits and surveys to provide services to thousands of businesses, establish the Hi-tech Zone Technology and Financial Service Alliance, and promote the enrollment for the second phase of the Dark Horse Acceleration Laboratory(黑马加速实验室). These efforts aim to enhance support for businesses and foster innovation and growth in the region.

Embracing responsibility while fostering innovation, FHIDZ is vigorously writing a new chapter in the innovative development of Foshan at full steam.

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