Foshan Excels with 19 Towns Listed in 2023 National Top 1000 Strong Towns
Foshan China 2023-10-24 11:16

On October 20, the "2023 National Top 1000 Strong Towns Development Report" was officially released, with 112 towns in Guangdong Province being selected as the National Top 1000 Strong Towns for 2023.

Shishan Town, Nanhai District

Among them, Foshan has 19 towns on the list, including 6 from Nanhai District, 6 from Shunde District, 5 from Sanshui District, 1 from Chancheng District and 1 from Gaoming District.

Here are the listed towns:

Nanhai District: Shishan Town, Dali Town, Lishui Town, Xiqiao Town, Danzao Town, Jiujiang Town;

Shunde District: Beijiao Town, Lecong Town, Longjiang Town, Xingtan Town, Chencun Town, Jun'an Town;

Chancheng District: Nanzhuang Town;

Gaoming District: Mingcheng Town.

Among them, Shishan Town, Dali Town, Lishui Town, Beijiao Town, and Xiqiao Town are among the top 50, showing the strong vitality of Foshan's town-level economy.

The selection of the List focuses on comprehensive strength evaluation, including not only strong industrial towns but also some distinctive agricultural towns and technology towns driven by urban agglomerations.

Dali Town, Nanhai District

According to the evaluation system, the comprehensive strength index of national towns is divided into five primary indicators: economic development, innovation vitality, development potential, ecological livability, and affluence of life, with 25 secondary indicators.

The report recognizes the role of these towns in the intersection of urban development and rural revitalization. They act as bridges, connecting the development of urban and rural areas. Notably, having distinct industries is a common factor in the success of these "super towns", providing a strong foundation for their high-quality development and contributing to the promotion of Chinese-style modernization in these regions.


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