Foshan's Exhibition Industry Ranks First Among Domestic Prefecture-level Cities
Foshan China 2023-10-31 10:08

On October 26, the 2023 China Exhibition City Industrial Cooperation Conference and the press conference of Exhibition City Competitiveness Index were grandly opened in Chengdu, releasing the domestic city exhibition industry competitiveness index.

Among the 105 sample cities nationwide, Foshan ranks 19th in the Exhibition Industry Competitiveness Index. Among the 70 prefecture-level and county-level sample cities, Foshan's Exhibition Industry Competitiveness Index ranks first, positioning Foshan's exhibition industry development as the leader among domestic prefecture-level cities.

At the event, Jiang Huai, Vice President and Secretary-General of the China Convention, Exhibition and Event Society, presented the 2022 China's Most Competitive Exhibition City Award and complimented its outstanding performance. The release of this index and the award ceremony are aimed at fostering a strong connection between the exhibition industry and urban development, mutually enhancing their capabilities, and ultimately promoting the high-quality development of the urban exhibition sector.

The China Urban Exhibition Industry Competitiveness Index was introduced in 2016 to scientifically assess the development of the country's urban exhibition sector. Over the past 7 editions, it has become a widely recognized and influential evaluation system, drawing attention and approval from local governments and the industry for its comprehensiveness and alignment with China's urban exhibition economy trends.

Foshan, ranking first in the 2022 City Exhibition Industry Competitiveness Index report among prefecture-level cities, is set to enhance its reputation and influence in the exhibition industry. This achievement will help establish Foshan as a prominent hub for large international expos, furthering the development of its exhibition industry as a leading sector in the modern service industry. Additionally, it will contribute to promoting Foshan's city image and branding.

As a leader in the Foshan exhibition industry and one of the most important industrial service platforms, the Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, located in the Sanlongwan Sci-Tech City, is positioned as the "No.1 Hall for Chinese Industrial Exhibitions". Leveraging its own advantages, the center is striving to build the "Top Brand for Industrial Exhibitions," and has already established a unique development model for industrial exhibitions nationwide.

In recent years, the Foshan Sanlongwan Science and Technology City Management Committee has been enhancing exhibition facilities and supporting high-profile exhibitions. In September, they introduced measures to boost the development of the Tan Zhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. The focus is on efficient collaboration between the exhibition and manufacturing industries. Additionally, the city is building an "Exhibition+" ecosystem to promote local production, improve the urban functions of the exhibition area, and create a top-notch business environment for Foshan's exhibition industry, contributing to the city's future development.

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Photo | Sanlongwan Sci-Tech City