Sanlongwan Information Science and Innovation Park Phase I capped
Foshan China 2024-01-11 17:58

On January 9, the press conference of Nanhai Information Equipment Manufacturing Industry Blueprint, as well as the completion ceremony of Sanlongwan Information Science and Innovation Park Phase I, was held in Nanhai. Nanhai will collaborate closely with scientific platforms like Jihua Laboratory to boost the development of information equipment industrial cluster.

According to the blueprint, Nanhai Information Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Cluster would adopt the industrial layout of "One Main Body + Multiple Subarea". One main body refers to the Foshan Information Equipment Advanced Manufacturing Industrial Park. Multiple subarea represents the relevant industrial extension bases in nearby towns like Jiujiang, Danzao, Shishan and Lishui.

The industrial cluster will primarily focus on the manufacturing and application of new display equipment, semiconductor equipment, sensors and relevant key components. It's expected that by 2035, the cluster will introduce over 30 specialized and sophisticated enterprises with 1 billion output, over 100 technology enterprises above scale and multiple comprehensive industrial clusters with research and development, production, test and technology service in the fields of display material and equipment.

The completion ceremony for Foshan Information Equipment Advanced Manufacturing Industrial Park (Sanlongwan Information Science and Innovation Park Phase I) was also held on the same day. The first batch of settled enterprises have signed the agreement at the event site. Located in Guicheng Sub-District, Nanhai, this industrial park has a total investment of 2 billion yuan and covers a land of 717k square meters.

The construction started from January 29th, 2023 and is expected to complete by May 2026. It includes an exhibition center, five R&D and production factories and 3 scientific offices. Based on the principal of "digital economy + advanced manufacturing", the project aims to build a comprehensive science and innovation park for both living and industry production.

Sanlongwan Information Science and Innovation Park is an industrial carrier project established by Jihua Laboratory and Nanhai State Assets. During the construction, Jihua Laboratory has played a crucial role in leading the industrial development, in terms of talent cultivation, technology and finance support.

Stated by Li Hejun, deputy director of Jihua Laboratory, Sanlongwan Information Science and Innovation Park will serve as a bridge for science innovation and information equipment manufacturing industry. With the help of the blueprint, he is confident about the upcoming growth of information equipment manufacturing industry of both Nanhai and Foshan. 

Xu Yongqiang, member of the Standing Committee and Deputy Head of Nanhai, stressed the importance of this project. As the first landing project, it will significantly accelerate the industrial application of scientific projects of Jihua Laboratory, also boost the development of new generation of information equipment industrial cluster. It would further explore the development pattern, eventually providing powerful support for the upgrade of Nanhai industrial structure.

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