Location and Renderings for Foshan's First Sam's Club Unveiled
Foshan China 2024-01-15 15:42

On January 11, Guangdong Shun Kong Investment Development Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Shun Kong Investment") successfully secured the full ownership of a plot located in the east of Bigui Road and the south of Nanguo East Road in Daliang Sub-District, Shunde District, Foshan. The plot is situated in the core area of Daliang's new town in Shunde, with its southern side adjacent to the Shunde OCT Harbour PLUS. Prior to this, Shun Kong Investment had already inked a deal with Sam's Club (Shanghai) Investment Company. The successful acquisition signifies Sam's Club, a leading international retailer, is going to establish Foshan's first store in Shunde.

Satellite image: The chosen location is marked in red.

Real-life scene: The selected site is highlighted with a red circle.

The land parcel covers a total area of 94.96 mu, with a planned investment of approximately 2 billion yuan. On the northern side, Sam's Club will be introduced, featuring a construction area of around 50,000 square meters, expected to make its debut in 2026. It will be constructed as Sam's fourth-generation benchmark store, accompanied by approximately 1,000 dedicated parking spaces to meet customer needs and ensure Sam's consistent high-quality shopping experience. Furthermore, on the southern side, a cutting-edge commercial district with a new concept will be established, integrating commerce, dining, and entertainment into an urban living space. The total construction area is approximately 35,000 square meters. In the future, the project will become Shunde's optimized commercial and cultural tourism landscape, crafting Shunde as a supercity showcase and providing robust support for enhancing Shunde's attractiveness and influence.

Aerial view and rendering of Sam's Club's inaugural store in Foshan.

Sam's Club is a high-end, large-scale, warehouse-style membership store under the umbrella of the Fortune Global 500 company Walmart. With over 800 stores worldwide, Sam's Club meticulously selects 3,000-4,000 diverse products globally, directly-imported products from over 30 countries and regions, high-quality and fresh foods, and a portfolio of over 700 Member's Mark branded products with obvious price advantages, offering high-quality shopping experiences to over 50 million individual and business members.

As of January 11, 2024, Sam's Club has established 47 stores across 24 cities nationwide in China. In Guangdong province, there are already 8 operational stores, including 4 in Shenzhen, 2 in Guangzhou, 1 in Huizhou, and 1 in Zhuhai, with an additional 4 stores under construction, including the one in Foshan. Following the opening of Sam's Club's first store in Foshan, it is poised to extend its influence to Foshan and surrounding cities, serving as a robust addition to the high-end commerce landscape in the Guangzhou-Foshan region.

It's reported that as early as 2015, Sam's Club began scouting locations in Foshan. During the preceding signing ceremony, Huang Jia Ning, Vice President of Real Estate Development at Walmart (China), expressed sincere anticipation for settlingin Shunde. He noted that Shunde's commercial district quality, purchasing power, and daily needs align with the positioning of Sam's Club. Sam's Club aims to collaborate with Shunde State-owned Assets Company to expedite the creation of a higher-quality project in a shorter timeframe, contributing to the local community and fostering local consumption.

According to data, during the New Year holiday in 2024, Shunde District welcomed 788,000 domestic and international visitors, reflecting a remarkable 53.63% year-on-year increase. This mirrors the prosperity and the fashionable, dynamic, and refined urban image of Shunde. The establishment of the Sam's Club project signifies a crucial step in Shunde's strategy of propelling urban economic development through commercial strength.

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