Diplomats Explore Chinese Hydrogen Energy Development in Foshan
Foshan China 2024-01-18 19:49

On January 16, the "Diplomats Explore China: A Tour of Guangdong" reached its second destination in Foshan. Diplomats from nearly 40 countries focused on exploring the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the growth of the new energy industry, and the nurturing of new productivity during a two-day investigative visit to Foshan. Mayor Bai Tao participated in relevant activities.

Mayor Bai Tao warmly welcomed the delegation of foreign diplomats to Foshan. He stated that Foshan is not only a renowned city with a rich historical and cultural heritage but also a crucial manufacturing hub in China. Foshan boasts a GDP exceeding one trillion yuan and an industrial output value of over three trillion yuan. Traditional industries such as household appliances, furniture, ceramics, and building materials have distinctive advantages, while emerging industries like high-end equipment, robotics, and new energy are rapidly evolving. Notably, hydrogen energy represents a hallmark of Foshan's emerging industries, with over 170 hydrogen energy enterprises and projects covering the entire chain from production and storage to transportation and utilization. The hydrogen infrastructure and terminal applications rank in the forefront of the country, making Foshan a leading city in the national demonstration of fuel cell vehicle applications in the Guangdong urban agglomeration. Mayor Bai Tao expressed the hope of collaboration and development.

Various diplomats stationed in China expressed their sincere gratitude for the warm welcome and thoughtful arrangements by the city of Foshan. They acknowledged that this visit not only strengthened the friendship between their respective countries and China but also provided a deeper understanding of Foshan. They were impressed by the rapid development of the hydrogen energy industr and Foshan's capabilities in promoting green technology applications. The high-quality, modern, and internationalized city was recognized as a valuable destination for exploration.

The diplomatic delegation visited Foshan Xianhu Laboratory. (Foshan News and Media Center/Li Jinjian, Chen Minshan)

During the day, the diplomatic delegation ventured to various sites, including Xianhu Laboratory, Nanhai Hydrogen Energy Pavilion, and Hanlan Nanhai Solid Waste Treatment and Environmental Protection Industrial Park. Subsequently, they were scheduled to visit various corporations and participate in exchange forums, aiming to experience the dynamic development of Foshan while actively seeking collaboration opportunities.

The diplomats toured Hanhai Environmental Co., Ltd., Nanhai Solid Waste Treatment and Environmental Protection Industrial Park. (Foshan News and Media Center/Li Jinjian, Chen Minshan)

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