New Branch Hospital of FS Second People's Hospital Set to Open in July
Foshan China 2024-01-25 09:30

New Branch Hospital (Lvdao Lake) of Foshan Second People's Hospital is set to be operational in July this year.

The construction project is a key provincial initiative. Occupying 120 muwith a total investment exceeding 2.4 billion RMB, the facility includes the Foshan Ophthalmology Center, outpatient building, medical inpatient building, infectious disease building, and more. It boasts a capacity of 1,200 beds (with a reserved capacity of 1,800) and is expected to handle a daily outpatient volume of 10,000.

The new hospital is located at the intersection of Changang Road and Hongde North Road in Chancheng District, near Lvdao Lake. Construction began in August 2020, with completion and delivery scheduled for July 2024. According to Vice President Fan Wenkui of Foshan Second People's Hospital, the main building was topped out in November 2022, and it will be operational in July 2024.

The new branch features 960 parking spaces and a 5-story bus hub on the east side. The second floor on the west side of the hub will host a pedestrian overpass connecting directly to the new branch. Additionally, citizens using the subway can access the hospital via Foshan Metro Line 4. The exit at Lvdao Lake North Station connects directly to the hospital's underground floor.

Furthermore, Foshan Second People's Hospital has optimized the layout of the infectious disease building in the newbranch. The original one, including the fever clinic, has been redesigned as an independent 6,700 sqm, five-story infectious disease building and a separate 1,730 sqm, two-story fever clinic building. Equipped with examination, testing, rescue, and surgical functions, this updated configuration, with an expanded area of 5,140 sqm, increases the negative pressure bed capacity from the initially planned 20 beds to 108 beds.

In addition to ensuring the quality of routine medical services, Foshan Second People's Hospital is taking multifaceted measures to enhance the patient experience.

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