Shunde Initiates Construction on 55 Key Projects
Foshan China 2024-01-25 17:58

At the start of 2024, Shunde District is kicking off the year with full enthusiasm as it launches 55 key projects. On January 23, the district held a concentrated groundbreaking ceremony for government-invested priority projects. With a total investment of approximately 31 billion yuan, these projects aim to make a significant impact and achieve a vibrant start to crucial construction initiatives.

The groundbreaking ceremony

In November of 2023, Shunde District was designated as a typical region for Guangdong Province's 'Coordinated Rural and Urban Development,' with Beijiao Town and 13 villages recognized as exemplary towns and villages (communities). As the leading district among the nation's top 100, and a field for provincial reform and innovation, Shunde has initiated a large number of projects related to people's livelihoods and infrastructure at the beginning of the new year.

Groundbreaking ceremony site

The 55 key projects launched this time are primarily focused on areas such as external connectivity, water environment enhancement, transportation, education, healthcare, industry, and power as Shunde strives for progress and development in various sectors.

In the vital areas of education and healthcare, Shunde is making concerted efforts to enhance the well-being of its residents. The construction has commenced for the Midea High School, Second Affiliated to East China Normal University, with an expected launch in September 2025, offering approximately 1800 new high-quality school seats. Additionally, the completion of the new location for Guangdong Medical University Shunde Women and Children's Hospital (Shunde Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Foshan) will provide 1000 beds.

Aerial view of the construction site of Midea High School

The Foshan section of the second phase of the Eastern Outer Ring Expressway in Zhongshan City, connecting to the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Channel, is set to open in 2027. This will reduce the travel time from Shunde to Shenzhen Airport to just 40 minutes, significantly shortening the distance between Shunde and the Hong Kong-Shenzhen region.

Midea Group's various industrial projects will commence or be completed successively. Chairman and President of Midea Group, Fang Hongbo, expressed admiration for the rapid development of Shunde, significantly enhancing its global talent attraction and providing fertile ground for technological innovation and industrial development.

The centralized groundbreaking ceremony is a crucial initiative outlined in the Shunde District Committee and Government's agenda for the year, showcasing their confidence and determination in advancing vigorously in 2024.

Liu Jie highlighted that as a vanguard in Foshan's economic development, Shunde aims to bear the brunt of major regional economic projects, leading the city in both determination and contribution to new and larger scales in investment attraction and project construction.

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