Dongzao Catering Group Headquarters Project Topped Out
Foshan China 2024-01-30 16:28

On January 28, Dongzao Catering Group Headquarters Project reached full completion, expected to commence operations by late 2024. The project, with a total investment of 150 million yuan, including 120 million yuan in fixed assets, is projected to generate an annual output value of around 220 million yuan post-production. Additionally, it anticipates contributing approximately 11.1 million yuan in tax revenue and creating over 500 job opportunities.

Establish a new benchmark for culinary headquarters

Founded in September 2007 in Ronggui, Shunde, Dongzao Catering Group is renowned for its Sichuan and Cantonese-flavored "Fish Head Hot Pot." With numerous direct-operated stores nationwide, the group holds a position on both the "Top 100 Chinese Hot Pot Enterprises" and "Top 100 Catering Enterprises in Guangdong Province" lists.

On December 30, 2022, Dongzao Catering Group successfully acquired a 14.8-mu plot in Ronggui's Bigui Road area for the headquarters project. Construction began on January 8, 2023, and after 211 days of construction, the project achieved topping-out, covering a total area of approximately 50,000 square meters.

Upon completion, Dongzao Catering Group invested around 8 million yuan to establish a new central kitchen spanning over 4,000 square meters, expecting an annual production of approximately 500 tons of hot pot base ingredients. This marks a significant 300% increase compared to previous production levels.

The renderings of the headquarters project.

As Dongzao Catering Group celebrates its 17th anniversary, the full completion of the headquarters project and imminent operational launch not only shape the company's future strategic direction but also signify an endorsement of Ronggui's investment and business environment.

Looking forward, Dongzao Catering Group aims to thrive in the chain catering headquarters economy, progressing towards its goal of becoming the first publicly-listed food and catering group headquarters enterprise in Shunde.

Stimulate new driving forces

In the western precinct of Ronggui, a strategic emerging industry development zone is being meticulously planned. Covering an expansive area of approximately 17.31 square kilometers or roughly 25,965 mu, the development zone has already attracted 14 key projects. Notably, 12 of these projects, accounting for 86% of the total, fall under the category of strategic emerging industries.

By 2024, Ronggui Town is poised to elevate its business environment to new heights, solidifying its position as an enticing investment and business hub in the Greater Bay Area, attracting enterprises from near and far.

The topping-out ceremony for the Dongzao Catering Group headquarters project

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