Shunde MIXC Mall Topped Out
Foshan China 2024-01-30 16:43

On January 28, Foshan's inaugural MIXC commercial complex, Shunde MIXC Mall, officially reached its pinnacle. Since the project commenced in February 2023, the comprehensive roofing of the main structure was completed in just 11 months. Moving forward, Shunde MIXC plans to introduce over 10% of Foshan's first-entry brands and 30% of Shunde's inaugural brands, aiming to establish itself as the largest Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) commercial complex in Daliang.

Shunde MIXC has now officially topped off

Situated in the TOD complex at Jurong North Road, Daliang East District, Shunde MIXC is part of the CR MIXC Lifestyle, boasting a total floor area of approximately 135,000 square meters and an investment of around 2 billion yuan.

Shunde MIXC has now officially topped off

Anchored in Daliang-Ronggui, one of Foshan's three core business districts, Shunde MIXC adopts a 'First Store + Flagship Store' model to empower urban economic momentum. It gathers the highest-level flagship brands in Shunde, creating more personalized, diverse, and high-quality experience for consumers.

Shunde MICX effect picture

In November 2023, Shunde MIXC unveiled its first batch of flagship brands, including Foshan's inaugural stores like MIXC Cinema, NITORI, and Shunde's inaugural stores like MELAND CLUB, STAR LEGEND and MUJI's latest two-story concept store. Notably, Shunde's first naked-eye 3D large screen will also make a stunning appearance at Shunde MIXC, offering citizens a brand-new visual art experience."

Shunde MIXC effect picutre

Currently, CR MIXC Lifestyle operates 101 shopping centers nationwide, achieving a significant milestone of 'Hundred MALLs.' The inaugural MIXC in Shenzhen achieved a remarkable 98% occupancy rate and welcomed one million customers within the first six days, successfully addressing a significant commercial gap in the region.

Of note, Shunde MIXC had previously announced its anticipated opening in 2025.

The TOD project on Jurong North Road is a pivotal initiative in Shunde's coordinated development model. The topping-off of MIXC symbolizes the accelerating formation of the comprehensive development of the project. Following the opening of Foshan Metro Line 3, Zhonglou Park Station and Shunde OCT Harbour Plus Station have become the two busiest stations in Shunde. With the expected opening of MIXC, Jurong North Road Station is poised to enter the top three metro stations in terms of foot traffic in Shunde.

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