Foshan Enterprise Unveils 9-Meter-Long Five-Axis CNC Machine
Foshan China 2024-02-09 17:39

In recent days, at the production workshop of Foshan Liming Mechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd., located in the Robot Integration Innovation Center in Guangdong, China, workers systematically loaded a 9m × 4m machine onto a truck bound for Shanghai.

This colossal machine is the independently developed large five-axis machining center N5-Q9040 by Liming Mechanical. "We aim to produce affordable five-axis machine tools for the Chinese market," affirmed Lin Zhenguang, founder and general manager of Liming Mechanical.

Large five-axis machining center N5-Q9040

The renowned enterprise becomes a repeat customer

The N5-Q9040 large five-axis machining center specializes in processing lightweight composite materials, aluminum alloys, and other aerospace materials with performance comparable to international standards.

Lin Zhenguang, founder and general manager of Liming Mechanical.

"At the beginning, we had no reputation. We relied on solid efforts to earn customer recognition. Initially, we could only produce prototypes, allowing customers to personally experience the machining process," stated Lin Zhenguang.

After successful testing, Liming Mechanical gained the client's approval. Consequently, this Shanghai-based company maintained long-term cooperation with Liming Mechanical and, in 2022, returned to customize the N5-Q9040 five-axis machining center.

Liming's product – N5a gantry-type five-axis machining center

In the highly competitive field of high-end CNC machine tools largely dominated by foreign powerhouses, Liming Mechanical continues to break through, offering numerous independently developed products catering to industries such as aerospace, military defense, and new energy manufacturing.

Currently, Liming Mechanical holds more than 10 authorized patents and boasts a team of five core research and development experts with extensive skills and experience. With its competitive products and outstanding service, Liming has established collaboration with famous enterprises in aerospace and military defense industries in just 3 years after establishment.

Breaking the reliance on imports

Historically, domestic high-end machine tools, especially five-axis CNC machine tools, have long depended on foreign imports, with technology transfer facing various restrictions. This has resulted in elevated prices for advanced CNC machine tools. Going forward, Liming Mechanical aims to further enhance the international competitiveness of domestically produced multi-axis precision machining machine tools.

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