Foshan Creative Industry Park Harnesses Cultural Power into Commercial Traffic
Foshan China 2024-02-19 14:35

Foshan Creative Industry Park, a National Internet-famous cultural and business hub, witnesses booming tourist flow and consumption.

A myriad of activities took place at Foshan Creative Industry Park during the Spring Festival.

From Feb 9 to Feb 17, the park saw an average daily footfall of over 60,000 visitors, marking a 60% increase compared to the same period last year. Over 200 businesses that remained open have experienced a prosperous start, welcoming a full house of customers.

Innovative Lingnan festive ambiance to embrace surging tourist flow and consumption

This year's Spring Festival, as a millennium-old cradle of Lingnan culture, Foshan emerged as one of the hottest destinations for visitors from all corners of the country to celebrate the Lunar New Year in the South.

In addition to traditional landmarks like the Ancestral Temple Museum and the Nanfeng Ancient Kiln, tourists flocked to the Foshan Creative Industry Park, a national internet-famous cultural and business hub, to experience a unique blend of China-chic, animation, and technology-infused festive atmosphere. The park witnessed a 60% increase in footfall compared to the same period last year, with over 60,000 visitors daily.

Spring Festival Holiday ignites booming tourist flow and fiery consumption.

Foshan Creative Industry Park launched the 15th Creative Spring Festival, featuring the nation's first outdoor ground-level naked-eye 3D stage.

During the Spring Festival holiday, the park showcased a mix of traditional customs such as loong and lion dances and the welcoming of the God of Wealth. Moreover, educational activities were also held, showcasing the contemporary and youthful adaptation of traditional culture.

Vigorous cultural feast to continue during Lantern Festival

Loong dances and lion dances take the stage alongside disco beats, while the God of Wealth interacts with anime characters... Traditional customs collide with modern trend, making Foshan Creative Industry Park a hotspot where diverse cultures converge.

Stepping into Foshan Creative Industry Park, visitors clearly sense a refreshed and trendy festive atmosphere, catering to the spirit of contemporary youth seeking innovative ways to celebrate.

Throughout the Spring Festival, over 200 businesses within Foshan Creative Industry Park operate as usual, boasting an impressive 80% opening rate, with consumer vitality extending from morning till early morning on the next day.

Businesses within the park usher in a prosperous Year of the Dragon.

Although the Spring Festival holiday has ended, Foshan Creative Industry Park's creative celebrations will continue until the 16th day of the first lunar month. Grand ceremony for Lantern Festival, including charity concert, lion dance and martial art performance, will be held from February 23 to February 25, creating a lasting cultural feast for everyone.

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