123 major projects started in Foshan with a total investment of 98.5 bln yuan
Foshan China 2024-02-20 17:42

On February 18, Foshan Municipal High-quality Development Conference was held in Shunde, with a series of key projects launched in early 2024.

At the event site, 123 key projects with total investment of 98.5 billion yuan have commenced construction.

In 2024, there will be 546 provincial key projects launched in Foshan with total investment of 1035 billion yuan and annual planned investment of 122.8 billion yuan.

Among 123 newly launched projects, 90 of them are industrial projects, 26 are infrastructure projects and 7 are projects for public well-being. Notably, 31 industrial projects are relevant to high-end technologies.

Here are the key projects across districts.

Chancheng District

Dashenlin Intelligent Manufacturing Headquarter Project

Overview: With planned area of 93 mu, it is expected to build a modern factory producing 15 thousand tons of Traditional Chinese Medicine decoction pieces.

Total investment: 3 billion yuan

Construction period: 2024-2026

Start of construction: March, 2024

Nanhai District

Qingyi High Precision Mask Production Base Project

Overview: With a cover area of 50 mu, it will build research and development center, and production lines for high precision mask.

Total investment: 2 billion yuan

Construction period: 2024-2028

Start of construction: March, 2024

Shunde District

Orbbec 3D Visual Perception Industrial Base

Overview: The project includes one research and development building, two standard factories, one accommodation building and a warehouse. The industrial base will specialize in the R&D, production and testing of robot vision technology.

Total investment: 1.5 billion yuan

Construction period: 2024-2027

Start of construction: January, 2024

Gaoming District

Green Ecological Wine Production Base Project of Guangdong Yuanhang Wine Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Overview: Located at the north of Zaomu Mountain, it is expected to construct wine brewing workshop and cellaring storage for white wine and fruit wine.

Total investment: 1 billion yuan

Construction period: 2024-2026

Start of construction: March, 2024

Sanshui District

Guozun High-performance Aluminum Foam New Material Project

Overview: The project consists four single-storey factories, two duplex factories and relevant facilities.

Total investment: 3.6 billion yuan

Construction period: 2024-2025

Start of construction: March, 2024

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