Taishan Brewery Launches in Sanshui
Foshan China 2024-03-21 14:51

On March 18, Foshan Taishan Brewery Co., Ltd., launched in the South Park of Foshan Beverage Cappital and Food Industry Park (referred to as "South Park"), as the first beverage project put into production in the South Park, and also the first operational project in Baini Town in 2024. In the future, Guangdong consumers could enjoy the fresh Taishan Beer in just a few hours.

Intelligent workshop accelerates packaging and delivery

Apart from filling and packaging, robots are also widely used in the storage and shipping department, which could easily transfer products from the factory to the loading trucks with preset procedures.

The production base in Baini, as the second production base of Taishan Brewery, mainly produces two types of original beer, "7-day fresh" beer and "28-day fresh" beer. The taste of beer highly depends on the delivery speed.

Commented by Chen Chengwen, Chairman of Shandong Taishan Brewery Co., Ltd, Taishan Brewery has been committed to building the brewery into a high-level production base in Foshan. Now, the base has achieved high automation, intelligence, and informatization along the production chain, from processing orders to logistics distribution. As a result, it has replaced manual labor with robots, significantly improving the product quality and production efficiency.

He further stressed that, in the future, Taishan Brewery will provide fresh beer to Guangdong customers, which is produced several hours ago.

"Taishan Brewery is the first beverage project introduced to South Park, and it is also the first officially put-into-production project in Baini Town in 2024. It injects fresh vitality into the development of the food and beverage industry in Baini Town," said Lu Shan, Deputy Secretary of the Baini Town Party Committee and Mayor. He further expressed that the local government will continue to provide the highest quality service, the most favorable policies, and the best environment to fully support the development of Taishan Brewery in Sanshui.

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