New Route from Foshan to Macao Expected to Operate Within this Year
Foshan China 2024-04-09 17:20

Starting from April 1, the reserved space for the extension of the Macao Metro to the Hengqin Port has been officially handed over to the Macao SAR Government. This sets the stage for the operation of the Macao Metro (Hengqin Extension) within this year.

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The Extension of the Macao Metro to Hengqin Line Project (referred to as the "Hengqin Line") is a key cross-border livelihood project between Zhuhai and Macao. It officially commenced construction on March 18, 2021. The project consists of elevated bridges, underwater tunnels, and two stations. It starts at the "HE1 Station" next to the Lianhua Bridge Station of Taipa Line, enters the cooperation zone through an underwater tunnel, and terminates at the "HE2 Station" at Hengqin Port. The total length is about 2.2 kilometers, with the tunnel section approximately 900 meters long.

Photo provided by Hengqin Online

The project aims to be opened by 2024.

Arrive Macao by metro:

1. Take the Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Railway from Guangzhou South Railway Station, Bijiang Station, Beijiao Station, Shunde Station, Shunde College Station, or Ronggui Station to Hengqin Station.

2. After passing through the Hengqin Port, directly board the Macao Metro. From Hengqin Station (HE2) to Lianhua Station (HE1), and then transfer to the Macao Metro!

Illustration of the Macao Metro Hengqin Line Project.

After arriving at Lianhua Station (HE1), citizens can transfer to the Taipa Line for a variety of excursions. Not only can they go to the Macao Airport, Taipa Ferry Terminal, and various hotels and resorts in Cotai, but they can also cross the sea to reach the Macao Peninsula's Ma Kok Station and visit famous attractions such as Ma Kok Temple and the Maritime Museum.

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