Foshan Enterprises' Green and Low-carbon Development Gained Attention From CCTV
Foshan China 2024-04-10 15:29

On April 7th, Foshan enterprises once again drew attention from CCTV as the "Morning News" program featured a special report titled "Equipment Upgrades Driving the Development of New Quality Productivity," with a focus on the Midea Group in Shunde, Foshan.

Midea Group has 40 production bases worldwide, and in recent years, the construction of new factories and investment in new equipment to expand production capacity has been the company's primary development direction. Starting its digital transformation in 2012, Midea Group has invested tenbillions over the past decade, transitioning from a manufacturing-oriented enterprise to a technology-driven group.

CCTV reporters visited the dishwasher factory of Midea Group and found that a dishwasher can be produced here every 18 seconds. The scene at the factory resembles a futuristic cyberpunk movie, with various “hardcore”technologies in play.

In a dishwasher inner liner production line, you can see 8 fully automated robotic arms operating in a narrow space of over 100 square meters, engaging in high-speed production without interfering with each other.

The dishwasher factory has now established an energy management platform within the park, achieving online management of factory energy consumption, with the park's green electricity usage reaching 20%.

Fang Hongbo, Chairman of Midea Group, stated that the company actively embraces change, daringly innovates, and promotes comprehensive digitalization and intelligence, bringing about significant transformative effects for MideaGroup. By the end of 2023, Midea Group had established three "zero-carbon factories," five "lighthouse factories," and 27 "national green factories."

Photo: Zhujiang Business

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