New Progress in Tanzhou Tunnel Project Boosts Sanlongwan Traffic Integration
Foshan China 2024-06-20 16:23

On June 13, the first segment of the precast concrete was officially poured, laying a solid foundation for the completion of all precast segments by the end of the year.

At the Tanzhou Tunnel site, the first immersed tube section is being poured.

The Tanzhou Tunnel, a key provincial and municipal project, is set to become the largest and widest inland immersed tube tunnel in China, featuring a dual eight-lane setup.

The tunnel will run beneath the Tanzhou Waterway, forming an integral part of the northern extension of Shunde's Lungui Road. Starting at Hengyi Road and connecting to Hengwu Road, the tunnel will link Beijiao Town and Chencun Town in Shunde, alleviating north-south traffic congestion in the region.

Additionally, it will serve as a vital conduit for regional development, enhancing economic growth along its route and advancing the traffic integration of Sanlongwan, thereby fueling deeper integration between Guangzhou and Foshan.

At the Tanzhou Tunnel site, the first segment of the immersed tube is being poured.

Xu Bo, the Executive Deputy Manager of the Shunde Tanzhou Tunnel Project from the First Harbour Engineering Company Limited of China Communications Construction Company Limited, stated that the construction team has introduced a groundbreaking full-section hydraulic template. This innovation ensures millimeter-level precision in immersed tube prefabrication while maintaining structural stress and deformation within regulatory standards, guaranteeing the tunnel's durability for a century.

Workers are pouring the first segment of the immersed tube.

According to Xu Bo, the prefabrication of the immersed tubes is scheduled for completion by the end of 2024, providing strong progress assurance for the tube installation set for 2025.

The project site of Tanzhou tunnel

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