1 Bln Yuan Investment! Asia's Largest Nut Processing Headquarters Set to Launch in Shunde
Foshan China 2024-06-28 17:20

In the Nankeng Hebai Industrial Zone of Longjiang Town, Shunde District, the Guangdong Rainbow Nutsnew headquarters project is in its final phase of construction, aiming for full operation by October. Once completed, it will become Asia's largest nut processing food headquarters and a new landmark for industrial tourism in Foshan, driving high-quality development in Shunde's ecological food, tech agriculture, and cultural tourism sectors.

Rendering of the new headquarters project.

The new headquarters will primarily produce pistachios, almond kernels, and mixed nut products, providingnearly 300 new jobopportunitiesannually. With a daily output capacity of over 350 tons of nuts, the project is expected to generate over 3 billion yuan in additional annual output when operating at full capacity.

Nuts have a natural ability to retain their inherent flavors, but advanced technology is required to unlock and enhance these flavors to their fullest potential. The project will integrate intelligent production lines, automated machinery, and digital control systems to establish a cutting-edgefactory within the nut industry.

"The new headquarters will feature 8 roasting lines, 8 nut sorting lines, and 6 fully automated large-sizepackaging lines, significantly boosting production efficiency,”the project leader revealed. The project aims to design and modify individual automated equipment to create a fully integrated production line, marking a new venture in the nut industry.

Photo of the project's fully automated production line.

Rendering of phase one of the new headquarters project.

Since its founding in 1958, Guangdong Rainbow Nuts has been a pioneer and leader in the industrialization of nuts in China, boasting Asia's largest nut production site and cold storage in Shunde. Its products are popular nationwide and exported to Europe, America, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

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